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FanPulse Week Four: Bow Down to your Orange Overlords

It’s Clemson, Alabama, and everybody else. Not that we are surprised.

Clemson is still the near-unanimous #1 a month into the season, as only Baylor (LOL) and Washington put them in the number two spot. Shoot, even Bama recognizes the big tiger machine is on top.

UCF and Michigan both plummeted down the fan rankings after losses in week four, while the Aggies only fell four spots despite losing at home to #7 Auburn. Michigan earned the title of most overrated team of the week after laying an egg against the Badgers. #5 Oklahoma and #10 Texas are holding down the fort for the Big 12, with Kansas State creeping ever closer to the top 25. Oklahoma State fell off the ballot after losing at Texas, while still undefeated Baylor gets little respect from fans of schools that aren’t in Waco.

In other news, TCU fan’s confidence is down after the loss to SMU:

After hitting 100% post the destruction of Purdue on the road, fans’ confidence is sub 75% after the Frogs got out-coached, out-played, and out-worked against the Mustangs to fall to 2-1.

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