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TCU at Iowa State gets the dreaded 11:00am treatment

This is terrible for fans traveling up to the game.

TCU v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

What looked like a sexy matchup a month ago has lost some of its shine, as a pair of teams that were expected to be Big 12 contenders heading into the season must no longer be that exciting, at least when it concerns the conference powers that be.

I don’t want to go all Nick Saban and Alabama on this, but you’re looking at two teams who have just one loss between them, teams that were picked to finish third and fourth in the conference, teams who have yet to play a conference game - and you’re pitting them against each other at 11:00am for what could be a pivotal matchup? That blows.

Sure, Iowa State losing time Iowa takes some of the shine off of Matt Campbell’s upstart squad, but this is still a good team. And yes, TCU’s loss to SMU was a stomach punch moment, but the only other good game of the week is probably Baylor at Kansas State. The rest are pretty much good on bad. At least let us have 2:30.

It really sucks for TCU fans traveling to the game who were looking forward to checking out a famously awesome scene in Ames. Now purple people and their Cyclone brethren will barely have time to shotgun a Busch Lite and eat a Casey’s breakfast pizza on their way to the stadium.

And yes, I’m traveling to the game. And yes, I’m super mad about the kickoff time.

Oh, another thing - this means the Frogs have back to back 11:00am kickoffs, as they face Kansas at the same time this Saturday. I guess it’s better than having to play in Ames at night, though. Barely.