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TCU News: “They want us to come back and win, but I was not very happy with the crowd at halftime.”

GP was frustrated with the fans, who were frustrated with the football.

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Links O’ War
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‘A lot of people in red and blue.’ TCU’s Patterson not happy with crowd for SMU game | The Star-Telegram

Okay, normally I am on the BE GOOD FANS bandwagon... but... TCU got whipped and was down huge early. It was hotter than h-e-double-hockey-sticks out there. Kind of hard to complain about fans when the product was bad and the elements were terrible. Now, the in-and-out policy backfired, as many likely would have returned as the game got interesting.

“To be honest with you, the crowd left after halftime,” Patterson said. “They want us to come back and win, but I was not very happy with the crowd at halftime. I saw a lot of people in red and blue that were down lower than what they should have been. So I asked that question, ‘How they got there?’”

TCU has been making a conscious effort to boost home-field advantage this season. The university started selling beer to the masses at football games, eliminating its once popular in-and-out policy.

TCU’s Gary Patterson fires back: I’ve never thrown anyone under the bus | The Star-Telegram

Maybe things are good between GP and Cumbie, but he’s getting contentious with fans and reporters.

Patterson had Cumbie meet with the media afterward, something he rarely has done in his tenure. Most long-time observers couldn’t recall a time when a coordinator met with reporters after a regular-season game.

“I was a little bit disappointed in the articles written that I’d put Coach Cumbie under the bus,” Patterson said in his news conference Tuesday.

“I never said anything about Coach Cumbie. I’ve been here a long time and, in all those times, I’ve never thrown anyone underneath the bus to be honest with you. So the key is, ‘Why would you start now?’

5 takeaways from TCU availability: Patterson quiet on QBs; players looking ahead to Kansas | The Dallas Morning News

It has to be Duggan, still, right?

“Defensive coordinators are sitting there watching,” he said. “And if they’re like me, I’m using that to my advantage. It’s like me saying, ‘Hey, at the end of the month, why don’t you show me your financial statements, and I’ll decide if I want to tax you or not, and I’m the IRS.”

Later on, Patterson used the same rationale when declining to answer another question about Jalen Reagor’s usage.

”Again, you’re asking me a question I can’t answer,” he said. ”Now, why would I tell KU that? Hey, KU, we’re gonna put him at X!”

McMilllon and Lewis both expressed confidence in Duggan.

”He’s definitely taken charge, he’s getting better every week,” Lewis said. “He came in the spring and just jumped right into it, and it’s showing now.”

”Max is confident in himself, and the rest of the team is confident in him,” McMillon said. “We’re confident in all of our quarterbacks for sure.”