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Beyond the Fort: Oklahoma vying for a third straight Heisman, FSU’s new-look offense looks a lot like their old-look offense

Did Lincoln Riley sell his soul or what?

NCAA Football: Houston at Oklahoma
They’re going to do it again, aren’t they?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 is the only conference in college football to not lose a game in week one, and while you may poo-poo the fact that seven of ten wins came over FCS opponents... well...

... and...

... and almost

Maybe next year the Big 12 will have the guts to schedule Georgia State.

Speaking of the Big 12, looks like Oklahoma is good again. So that’s fun. The Sooners crushed the Houston Cougars and their dark-horse Heisman candidate QB with a combination of another overwhelming transfer QB and an apparently much-improved defense. Jalen Hurts was ridiculous in his debut (not as ridiculous as this dumb take from noted sports-idiot Skip Bayless), and the only logical conclusion we can reach is that Lincoln Riley sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a run of Heisman wining quarterbacks transferring into his program. Here’s hoping he follows Kliff Kingsbury to the NFL soon.

Speaking of selling your soul, Kendall Briles made his debut as offensive coordinator for Willie Taggart’s Florida State Seminoles and karma is apparently still a *****.

The Seminoles faced off against Boise State in Tallahassee, forced to move from the “neutral” site in Jacksonville due to Hurricane Dorian. The Broncos fell behind early, trailing by as many as 18 points before rallying for 17 straight points in the second half while pitching a shutout defensively through the final 30 minutes.

Thats right - Briles’ offense went over 40 minutes without scoring after putting up 31 points in the first 20 minutes of play. If you want a laugh, go search Kendall Briles on twitter and enjoy the first half mentions as you remember what happened in the second half. This gem really stood out for me:

Sorry KJ, but I’m going to have to disagree. For SO MANY reasons.

One of the worst scoring teams in college football a season ago, it appears FSU still has some work to do in 2019.






In other news, the Big 12 Conference was the only conference to make it through unscathed in week one. You may choose to cite that the league played FCS opponents in seven of their ten games, you may choose to point out that a lot of those games were of the one score variety late into the fourth quarter, you may choose to mention that the team widely considered a dark-horse contender needed triple overtime to knock off Northern Iowa.

I will choose to counter with we don’t have to justify Tennessee or Missouri.

Speaking of the SEC, Paul Finebaum is out here doing a dumb again, coming in with the fire-hot take that Notre Dame should be banished from the playoffs for five years after last season’s 30-3 shellacking at the hands of the Clemson Tigers. Sure, the Golden Domers have lost their last two chances to play for a natty by a combined total of 72-17 (the Fighting Irish were dropped by Bama 42-14 in the BCS National Title game following the 2012 season), but, uh... this happened just last year:

... and I have YET to see Finebaum banning the Crimson Tide from anything.

For their part, Notre Dame bounced back from a rough start to take care of Louisville last night in commanding fashion to close out week one of the college football season. While the Irish face an uphill battle to make it back to the CFB Playoffs, it’s a little ridiculous for one of the SEC’s talking heads to talk any crap when his conference looked less than intimidating against a relatively ‘meh’ schedule with losses to Memphis, North Carolina, Georgia State, and Wyoming.

And just to close the point, have you ever heard the radio ads for Finebaum’s show? Are those supposed to make you want to actually listen to it? I feel like he attracts the very worst of college football fans and gives them a platform to reveal their terribleness. It’s like moths to a flame. I’ll take a hard pass on that one.