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FanPulse Week 8: Down but not out

Tuesday’s road beatdown hasn’t gotten folks to give up on the Frogs quite yet.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

A little blip in the radar, sure, but TCU fans are still (mostly) all-in on the Frogs in 2020. After peaking at 100% early in the season, fan confidence is sitting at a healthy 78% as we get the halfway through the first round of Big 12 play.

Jamie Dixon led the his team to their first 2-0 start in Big 12 history, and won three in a row before running into a Mountaineer buzzsaw in Morgantown Tuesday night. They’ll have a chance to right the ship on the road once again when they head to Norman Saturday to take on the 11-5 (2-2) Sooners.

Though fan’s confidence in football waned as the Frogs missed a bowl for the first time in a long time and just the third time in the Gary Patterson era, a strong December signing class and some favorable coaching hires had the fanbase happy down the stretch. They give Gary Patterson a 78% approval rating at the end of the season.

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