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Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: 2 More Weeks of Football

With the Super Bowl approaching, all that remains is a Pro Bowl and the ultimate competition .

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Horned Frogs to the Super Bowl

Not only does TCU pride themselves on producing strong academic talents, many talented athletes call the Horned Frogs their home. Jason Verrett is no exception. With the 49ers win over the Packers he will see his first Super Bowl appearance. Congratulations to a stud of cornerback and good luck in Miami!

Baylor is on Top

Baylor scraped by Oklahoma State, even down going into halftime, but that win would give them just enough edge to come out as the top team in the country. The Bears remain 6-0 in the Big 12, obviously sitting at No. 1, and they are 16-1 with a single loss to Washington back in November. The trend seems to be either all Baylor sports are good, or they’re mediocre. This season is obviously their year to shine, so when watching them play in these upcoming weeks, just remember you have 5 months of pain left.

Where’d Y’all Go?

41 years is a long time. 41 years ago, the iPhone was fiction, and seatbelts weren’t a requirement. 41 years ago, was also the last time the Rutgers basketball team was ranked in the top 25 AP Poll. As of this week, they sit at No. 24 with a 14-4 record. They’re coming in hot in the Big Ten conference as well. They have some key wins over teams like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Seton Hall, and a huge 94-49 victory over Caldwell. Rutgers next game will be tomorrow night against No. 19 Iowa.