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NBA: Orlando Magic at Miami Heat

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Strictly Basketball.

While tragedy has struck the world of sports, players and organization now have something more to play for.

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This One’s for the Bryant’s

Sunday morning brought upon a wave of sadness throughout the country. The news of Kobe Bryant, as well as his daughter and 7 other victims, passing was not taken lightly. The basketball legend was honored and mourned by players and organizations for the entire day. Last night, however, Gianna Bryant received the memorial she deserved. Before the UCONN Women’s basketball game, the team laid a jersey for Gianna on the bench with flowers surrounding it. Kobe and Gianna were huge UCONN fans, and Kobe would often describe Gianna as “hell bent” to play on the Huskies team. With the support and kindness from UCONN, they made it possible for Gianna to achieve that goal.

Power Moves for the Big 12

This week’s AP polls have been updated, and the Big 12 is crushing it in the rankings. Baylor has kept their No. 1 spot after a win over Oklahoma and a size-able 72-61 victory over Florida down at the coast. This is pretty big for Baylor, seeing as Gonzaga remains the No. 2 team even after a win.

Kansas will hold on to the No. 3 spot for one more week after winning an unfortunately dramatic game over K-State. They also just secured a nice 65-50 win in Stilly, so I would bet on them staying there.

West Virginia is also on the board this week sitting at No. 12. I think it was the 97-59 win over Texas, or possibly the 74-51 victory over Missouri that sealed the deal for the Mountaineers. Just an assumption!

Not So Lucky Tech

While some of the Big 12 is making power moves, I didn’t say they all were. On Saturday, Kentucky ended the Raiders 54 game nonconference home winning streak. The Wildcats took it to a nail-biting overtime, where they won 76-74. While this is bad for Tech, Kentucky is proving that they made be a contender for the NCAA tournament after all. Texas Tech will not be catching a break anytime soon, because this week they are going to have to take on the No. 12 ranked Mountaineers. Good luck and good riddance to the Raiders.


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