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Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: New Year, New Coach, New Decisions, Same Old Huggins

Some people take the ‘new year, new me’ resolution to heart. Others? Well you’re just going to have to continue to read.

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What’s up with ‘dem boys’?

Jason Garrett was officially fired on Sunday, but that did not stop him from lobbying for his job. While all this is going on, the Cowboys started the interview process with Mike McCarthy. McCarthy was the Packer’s head coach for 13 years. In that time, he led the Packers to win Super Bowl XLV in 2011 -at Jerry World ironically- and had a record of 125-77-2. However, he was fired in 2018 and has been searching for a job since then.

Since his 5-year contract has been developed with the Cowboys, he has already started thinking about who he wants on his staff. The Cowboys are expected to hire Mike Nolan, former Saints linebacker coach, as their new Defensive Coordinator.

Nolan and McCarthy already have a history that goes back to 2005. Nolan hired him to become his offensive coordinator at the San Francisco 49ers organization. McCarthy Left that job when he became the Packers head coach.

This coaching combination has worked as a duo before, so I’m excited to see if they can pull this off successfully and lead the Cowboys to that championship they’ve been longing for.

*This morning, in a shocking turn of events, the Giants have requested to interview Jason Garrett for their head coaching job.*

Matt Rhule to the Panthers

Along with the other news that’s recently happened, this morning the Panthers announced that they were finalizing their deal with Matt Rhule. A little bit of a shock to me, I assumed he’d go back to his home state, but I assume the Panthers were the only team that could accommodate his request of a solid quarterback position.

Draft drama

Many NFL teams are searching for that ‘x-factor’ asset to add to their dwindling teams. After watching Patrick Mahomes turn the Chiefs organization around and Lamar Jackson this year with the Ravens, many teams are going to be searching for this quarterback asset. With Cincinnati most likely picking up Joe Burrow as the first pick, where does that put Tagovailoa? Tua declared for the draft on Monday, and many are placing him at 5th pick with the Miami Dolphins. Tua didn’t have a great end to his season, as it ended on an injury. So, should he have stayed, or declared? There are a couple ways to look at it; he’ll be getting great money no matter where he goes, there is a possibility he could not be cleared for the draft, but if he stays he risks getting hurt again. I think he made the right choice by taking the risk and moving onto the next chapter of his football career, by avoiding the chance that he gets hurt once again at Alabama.

Bob Huggins and the ‘3 blind mice’

We all know Kansas gets all the calls at home, take it up with our friends at ‘Wide Right Natty Light”, but sometimes it’s better left unsaid. One Big 12 coach seems to think that approach just isn’t his style. In 2018 Bob Huggins called out the officiating in an away game against Kansas. It took the Big 12 five days to reprimand Coach Huggins, but it was assumed that if the infractions continued, a fine would follow. This past Saturday after a 60-53 loss against the Jayhawks, again, he placed the blame on the officials this time referring to them as the “three blind mice”. Anyone want to take a bet on how much this one is going to cost Huggins?