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TCU News: “I feel like we are on different pages.”

The offensive line has some things to figure out over the bye week.

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Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


TCU offense reverts to old ways in loss to Kansas State | 247 Sports

Something has to change.

Senior offensive tackle Austin Myers was disappointed in the way the offensive line played. TCU’s offensive line struggled again on the day, allowing three sacks and paving the way for 189 yards on the ground. Duggan was also hit multiple times on passes and had to leave the game in the third quarter due to injury.

Myers says they’ve got to figure something out up front.

“Just collectively, playing as a unit,” Myers said on what needs to improve. “I feel like we are on different pages. We need to get back to the drawing board, figure out the issues, tweak it, come back next week better.”

“That just comes from within. We got to come out as a unit, be prepared, be ready. That all comes with preparation.”

‘We have to do a better job.’ TCU football struggles in 21-14 loss to K-State | The Star-Telegram

Well yes.

“What I told them downstairs is that I’m disappointed in the loss, not how some of the younger guys played,” TCU coach Gary Patterson said. “In a game where you don’t have many choices, you have to make plays when you’re supposed to make plays and you can’t give them anything and we gave them something.

“At the end of the day we have to do a better job on all accounts. We have to move forward from it.”

TCU dropped to 1-2 on the season a week after knocking off then-No. 9 Texas. Kansas State, meanwhile, is now 3-1 and will likely enter the top-25 rankings.

The Wildcats also took a 5-4 edge in the series since TCU joined the Big 12 in 2012.

TCU quotable: Frogs talk issues that need fixing during bye week | Dallas Morning News

The bye week comes at a good time.

Linebacker Garrett Wallow

On the team moving forward

“Every game is a battle, every game is a fight, and every game is like a championship game in this league. We definitely need to come out with more energy. I think that it is something we need to improve on as a team, not just as an individual game.”

On having a bye before playing OU

“It is good to have a bye week. We definitely need to brush up on some mistakes and see what we can get better at. As a team, we faced a lot of adversity, even before the start of the season. We have a lot of strong-minded individuals on the team. I feel confident in our team that we will bounce back. It is one of those things where you have to take the game and learn from the loss. It has to be a learn, it can’t just be a loss. We need to take this week to strengthen the categories that we need to get better at as a team, on both sides of the ball.”

Pro Frogs:

TCU’s Patterson weighs in on Dak’s injury and Andy Dalton taking over as Cowboys QB | The Star-Telegram

Again, feel terrible for Dak but it’s awesome to see Andy playing in DFW again.

“Number one, I really feel bad for Dak,” Patterson said. “We recruited Dak out of high school. He’s a great young man. You don’t want to ever see anything like that happen to anybody.

“Obviously we’re happy for Andy to get the opportunity and for the Cowboys to get a win yesterday. There’s not a good answer except while Andy replaces him, he does a great job and helps them win, and we hope for Dak to have a speedy recovery.”

Dalton finished 9-of-11 passing for 111 yards, including a 38-yard pass to Michael Gallup to set up the game-winning field goal. He and Gallup connected on a 19-yard pass prior to the 38-yard play.

It was the 25th game-winning drive of Dalton’s career, and his first with the Cowboys.

“You never want anything to happen, but you gotta stay ready,” Dalton said. “That’s what I’ve done, I’ve stayed ready. You want to have the opportunity to play. I knew the situation I was in. Just trying to do my best to support Dak ... I feel like I was preparing for these moments.”