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TCU News: The Frogs are hoping to get “back to more of a toughness attitude”

Gary Patterson isn’t ready to write off the offensive line quite yet.

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Links O’ War
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TCU’s offense trying to change its ‘culture,’ Gary Patterson says | The Star-Telegram

I mean, I get it — but waiting until the end of the season to evaluate isn’t going to be taken well by fans.

But Patterson also isn’t ready to make sweeping changes or draw conclusions off a small sample size. He believes the changes he made this offseason will produce the desired results, from bringing in Jerry Kill to oversee the entire offensive operation to handing over play-calling duties to Doug Meacham.

“One of the things we’re trying to change is the culture of how we think on offense and how we do things,” Patterson said on the Big 12 coaches teleconference Monday. “Getting back to more of a toughness attitude. We didn’t think we’d change it all in one year, but I think we’ve done some good things. ... You can’t really analyze a team and how you did things until you get to the end of the season.”

JD Spielman voices no regrets after leaving Nebraska for TCU | Star Tribune

We found out Monday that Spielman is questionable for Saturday.

Spielman picked TCU partly because of his relationship with former Gophers coach Jerry Kill, who recruited him in high school. Kill, who left Minnesota in 2015, is now a special assistant to Horned Frogs coach Gary Patterson.

“What made me want to come to TCU was I really believed what the coaches were telling me, the plan they had for me,” Spielman said.

Despite being a Biletnikoff Award candidate as best receiver in the nation, Spielman hasn’t caught more than two passes or surpassed 20 yards receiving in his first three games. But he’s playing in the backfield and is the team’s top punt returner.

Spielman is not concerned about stats because he feels comfortable this is where he is supposed to finish his college career.

“It’s not my first time having to adjust to a new offense,” Spielman said. “I’m just taking it day by day, rep by rep, and one of these days everything is going to come together.”

Gary Patterson, you’re great at football. Get better at modeling COVID mask-wearing | The Star-Telegram

I know y’all are going to have something to say about this letter to the editor.

I like Gary Patterson and think he is a great football coach. But I question him ignoring COVID-19 safety protocols and not wearing a mask during games. He needs to set a better example to TCU coaches, players, fans and especially the female student who trails him on the sideline by following the rules during this pandemic.

If he tested positive, he would be quarantined for at least two weeks. I don’t think you want that, Coach. Follow protocol and wear your mask.

Around Campus:

Leveling the playing field: TCU’s new way to admit fine arts students | TCU 360

Good news for the creatives looking to make TCU their college home.

“There are advantages to this system for everyone: no travel, and much less time invested to see the same number of students,” Parker said.

Some TCU fine arts majors said they believe this will level the playing field for performers across the country.

First-year musical theatre major Caden Large said “in many cases, so many talented students are unable to audition for incredible fine arts programs because they simply cannot afford to go to these conferences.”

Nijel Smith, a sophomore musical theatre major, said he had to travel to Chicago from Union City, Tennessee, because that was the closest place for him to audition.

“That, paired with my mother being a single parent and a teacher,” Smith said, “made our only option being to drive the six hours to Chicago early in the morning, have my audition, and then drive back.”