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Mississippi v Arkansas

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Simple Penny Math

Lane Kiffin is quite literally the pettiest CFB coach, but I’m not complaining.

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High School

High school football is a lot like the Big 12 this year, unpredictable. On any given day, a dynasty could fall. This week has some easy matchups but also some life or death situations.

Number 1 ranked in the state of Texas, Duncanville (2-1) will be taking on Mansfield (2-2). This game is without a doubt just some extra practice for Mansfield. The records may be somewhat similar, but let’s remember that Duncanville lost to the No. 1 team in the nation, IMG Academy. Nonetheless it is high school football and anything can happen, but I’d roll with the Vegas prediction on this one.

So, what about one of those ‘life or death’ games? No. 6 Denton Guyer will travel to No. 31 Prosper to battle it out for their second district game. This 6A game is going to help determine the seeding in their district, along with the outcome of Allen’s game. Guyer is 3-1 with a loss to No. 2 Denton Ryan, and Prosper stands tall at 3-0 coming out of 2 weeks of COVID-19 quarantine. This game is one of those ‘it can go either way’ type of games. The outcome is really just going to depend on the type of offenses and defenses that show up to play on Friday night.


Ole Miss (1-3 prior) and Auburn (2-2 prior) were both looking to turn their season around on Saturday. After a close game and what Lane Kiffin referred to as horrible officiating lead to a 35-28 loss, the Rebels coach had an opinion on Twitter. It all started with this subtle retweet-

After the game, the SEC admitted that the play should have been reviewed. Oh, so that’s’ it? No issues here? Well one would think that would be the case, but the SEC’s rules are contradictory to say the least. Although they admitted that it was the wrong officiating decision, Kiffin was still fined $25,000.

Realistically, Kiffin had 2 options, sit down and pay the fine, or cause an outroar. Can you guess which route he chose?

It appears that the Rebels coach is not going to let the SEC live this one down anytime soon. He has since alluded to paying the fine in pennies, and even went as far to say that the SEC is robbing his son of his college fund.

Do you think the SEC will walk back the fine, or continue to make an example out of Lane Kiffin?


Let me be clear, when I said that the dynasty was Tom Brady’s to claim, I meant what I said. Call Tom Brady’s Sunday stats exhibit B, and the Patriots loss exhibit C. The Buccaneers (4-2 prior) battled the Raiders (3-2 prior) to a 45-20 win. Brady is continuing to improve every week, with this last week producing his best stats. He went 33 for 45 on the night, making his completion percentage 73.3%. He also put up 369 yards with 4 touchdowns behind a great offensive line that didn’t have any sacks.

There’s simply no other way to say he was the talent, except to show you exhibit C, the Patriots loss. Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers rolled, and I mean rolled, right over the Patriots in a 33-6 win. Bear with me a moment as we take a look at Cam Newton’s stats for night. Newton went 9 for 15 on passes, with 98 yards passing, and 15 rushing. Now nobody was expecting the prior Carolina Panthers quarterback to come in and carry the team, but could he at least act like he knows how to play? Let me stop myself before we get too far down the hall of shame, the Patriots reign is over, because the dynasty was not built on Bill Belichick’s shoulders.

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