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TCU News: “it’s being an aggressive guy and just outlasting dudes and working harder than them.”

Carter Ware is going from walk-on to starter, and the Frogs will need him to be great Saturday.

Links O' War
Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


Gary Patterson: TCU’s looking to rally against in-state teams, including Baylor this weekend | The Dallas Morning News

Can TCU at least clean-sweep the Texas schools in conference play? They can put a second notch in the belt Saturday.

Rally against in-state teams

Gary Patterson has said it before and uttered it again Tuesday, TCU likes playing in-state teams. A lot of the athletes grew up in Texas and wanted to play at some of the other universities or have friends who went to play there. So, these in-state games are more fun for them to play.

Patterson also said that Baylor has some impressive qualities this year. He said Baylor does a great job of scrambling — they always have good running backs, they are always fast, and they have a good offensive line when they are healthy.

He grew up playing rugby in Singapore. Now he’s TCU football’s starting tight end. | The Star-Telegram

Gary loves a story. Here’s hoping Carter can make a difference Saturday.

“For me, the thing I take personally is just being technically sound,” he said. “I’m not the fastest, biggest or strongest guy out there, so to me it’s being the most technically sound and aggressive guy and just outlasting dudes and working harder than them.”

The 6-foot-4, 249-pound Ware has made a name for himself as a blocking tight end, although he had two catches for nine yards last season. But he embraces being the technically-sound, team-first player mindset.

Ware referred to former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten as an idol. Just like Ware, Witten was known for his defensive abilities in high school and famously went to Tennessee believing he’d be a defensive end. But Witten transitioned to the offensive side and became a Hall of Fame-caliber tight end.

“If I didn’t say Jason Witten wasn’t someone I looked up to my dad would probably slap me in the back of my head because he’s a huge Cowboys fan,” Ware said, smiling. “I’ve always looked up to guys like that, especially Jason Witten. He’s such a technically sound guy and I take a lot of pride of being the same way. Just doing my job to the best of my ability.”

True of False? Baylor’s matchup with the TCU Horned Frogs | Sic Em 365

13 might do it in this barn-burner.

Welcome to “True or False,” a staple that appears on SicEm365 every Monday. Each installment will pit two of our writers—we’ll rotate them each week—debating a handful of hot topics involving Baylor athletics. And, just to keep things fun, a random subject, too. Let’s jump right in.

Baylor has to score at least 21 points to beat TCU?

Colt Barber: False.


‘Very confident we will play.’ How TCU baseball is preparing for 2021 season amid COVID | The Star-Telegram

The outlook is bright.

On if college baseball is as talented as ever with no roster limits and the number of players returning after MLB reduced the number of draft rounds: “I really think it is. I think college baseball from a pitching standpoint this year will be as talented — this is my 30th year of coaching — this will be the most talented year that college baseball has ever had. It’s going to last for a while, too, even if they cut rosters back.”

On TCU’s outlook for 2021: “I’m super excited about our team, but every coach I talk to is saying the same thing. I have no idea what kind of season that we’re going to have, I just like our team — talent, experience, chemistry, depth of pitching, depth of position players.”