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TCU News: JD Spielman opens up

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JD Spielman opens up on leaving Nebraska and why he sees better days ahead for TCU | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Spielman brings a significant amount of leadership and wisdom to the TCU locker room.

“It’s never easy to just pick up and leave after all the work and grind that you put in at that past school,” Spielman said. “I met a lot of great people at Nebraska. A lot of friends that at the end of the day felt more like family than they felt like friends. It was hard to get up and leave that. But you also have to do what’s best for you and your career and make sure that you’re mentally healthy, happy and go out there and still love the game you grew up playing.”

TCU’s Noah Daniels feeling ‘real confident’ in 2020 after missing 2019 with an injury | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Daniels has been stellar through the first two games of the season for the Frogs, and his play will be crucial to TCU’s defense being successful moving forward.

“At corner, you have to have extreme confidence because you never know when they’re going to throw at you,” Daniels said. “As far as the strip [to break up pass intended for Eagles], it was a double move and once I caught up I really just played his eyes and hands and waited for the ball to drop. Once I saw the ball, I instantly went for the rip before he could get possession.”

Klieman discusses quarterback situation, TCU preparations | Go Powercat

Kansas State’s head coach talked about about how the Wildcats are preparing for TCU, including what it’s like to get two quarterbacks prepared to play against a GP defense.

“We don’t know if it’s going to be Will, it’s still a good chance it’s going to be Skylar. So we’re going to give them both the opportunity and just give them both enough plays. But like I said, I think when it first started, we wouldn’t change the offense based on if it’s Nick Ast could see some time. We won’t change it if Nick is playing or if Willis playing or if Skylar’s playing. It’s just getting the pictures in the looks to those three guys to make sure that they understand that this is a pressure look, this is a coverage look, this is a rolled coverage. What is this picture? And so that’s the challenge for Coach Klein and Coach (Counrtney Messingham), but I think the players are ready for the challenge. As far as those quarterbacks. They spend a lot of time watching film with each other and picking each other’s brains.”