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TCU News: “Just having that mentality is very good.”

Dee Winters is another one of GP’s ‘diamonds in the rough’, and it’s working out for everyone.

Links O' War
Links O’ War
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Gary Patterson’s Road to 200 Career Wins at TCU | Spectrum News

Gary and Coach P are our two favorite TCU coaches lol.

With Patterson on the sidelines, the TCU has won 70% of their games. As Summers will tell you, there are two distinct sides to the man in the visor.

“There’s Gary, and then there’s Coach P,” Summers said. “Gary is the guy off the field who plays the guitar, takes pictures with fans, donates to charity and gives back to the city of Fort Worth and its community. And then there’s Coach P, a complete 180. He’s super intense and constantly in your face.”

“If you don’t know him, he can rub you the wrong way,” said former TCU wide receiver Bart Johnson. “He’s yelling, he’s very, very animated, he’s fired up, and he gets after his players, but all he wants to do is get the best out of you.”

He gets the best out of his players with brutal honesty.

“That’s what I like about Coach P, too. He’s honest,” said Johnson. “He’s not going to make you feel good and all these things. Some kids are so entitled these days and don’t like honesty like that. They want to be put on a pedestal, right? Coach P is not like that.”

Why TCU and head coach Gary Patterson are ‘excited’ about DE Ochaun Mathis | Dallas Morning News

Us too, GP. Us, too.

When Ochaun Mathis first came to TCU, he was redshirted. Last season, he played in all 12 games, but wasn’t playing to the level he knew he could. Fans saw a different side of the sophomore defensive end on Saturday against Texas Tech. Mathis racked up three sacks and six total tackles.

“We are excited about him,” Patterson said. “He has a great future here.”

Patterson also told Mathis that he needs to “act like Coach P and not like Gary” meaning he needs to have more attitude when playing.

He said that if Mathis keeps progressing, they will have four to five defensive ends they are confident in and will be able to rotate them more which would lead to more efficiency on the defensive side of the ball.

Patterson said, “Overall, he really had a good ball game last week.”

Dee Winters has gone from a one-gas-station town to one of TCU’s best defenders | The Star-Telegram

Love this kid’s story.

“Getting the job was pretty hard,” Winters said. “Garret has treated me like a little brother and helped me out which is really good. I battled it out and eventually came out on top to battle next to Garret.”

Winters has proven worthy of the ‘starter’ label, consistently ranking among TCU’s top tacklers each week. He opened the season with an eight-tackle game against Iowa State, and had another eight-tackle performance against Baylor two weeks ago.

He followed the Baylor game with his seven-tackle day, including 2.5 tackles for loss, against Tech. He had one tackle for loss against Baylor, which came on his first sack of the season.

As a true freshman last year, Winters played in 11 games, including two starts, and finished with 28 tackles, including one sack.

Pretty impressive for a three-star prospect coming out of Burton. Winters played on both sides of the ball in high school, but was utilized primarily as a wide receiver.

LISTEN: Brown, Patterson discuss upcoming matchup between WVU and TCU | WOWK

The Eers have a big advantage with their defensive line against TCU’s offensive line.

“I think we’re handling the travel well,” Brown said. “I think if we weren’t, it would show up in a bigger way than it is. All three losses happen to be on the road, but they’ve all been one-possession games under four minutes.”

The Mountaineers will be back on their home turf Saturday for a noon kick against TCU. Listen to more thoughts from the head coach at the top of this page.

While Brown called TCU head coach Gary Patterson the top defensive mind in the Big 12, Patterson also praised West Virginia’s defense and its talented front.


TCU hopes Kevin Samuel continues growth by becoming ‘an elite-level athlete’ | The Star-Telegram

Big Kev is the key to overcoming a ninth place predicted finish.

“He’s improved each year gradually and that’s a lot coming from where he came from when he got here,” Dixon said. “We hope his conditioning is a little better, talked to him about his body and trying to become an elite-level athlete, an elite-level physicality, and that’s where I think he’s going.”

Samuel isn’t getting much preseason hype, but he’s a guy who has a chance to make his presence felt on a nightly basis. Not many have his length and size at 6-foot-11, 255 pounds.

And Samuel is already using the preseason “snubs” as motivation.

“I’ll just continue to work and prove the critics wrong to be honest,” Samuel said. “I’m going to show them I can compete in this league like I’ve been doing. I look at it like, ‘Oh, wow,’ but we’ve got to play against each other. I can go out and show them I belong there too.”