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Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Imagine This

Hey Siri play Mask Off by Future

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High School

In honor of TCU’s win over Tech this weekend, I invite you to reminisce on that one 2014 game that ended with a Horned Frog victory of 82-27. Now, imagine a high school team approaching the magnitude of that impressive feat.

Now wake-up because Duncanville did just that when they showed the state why they are the top dawg this past weekend in a 74-21 victory over Waco Midway. The team scored a whopping 42 unanswered points in the first quarter, which shows just how much they dominated the field on Friday night.

However, the throne is always short lived, and the Panthers could find themselves overthrown by the end of the week. Duncanville (4-1) will take on Cedar Hill (5-0) this Friday. Now I know I sound like a broken record, but let me remind you Duncanville’s only loss was to IMG Academy, a private school from Florida who does happen to be ranked No. 1 in the nation. If I’m being completely transparent, you could bet on either of these teams this week, it really will come down to who shows up with their “A-game”


A big win is always exciting, especially when it matters for AP Poll placement. Notre Dame’s win over Clemson on Saturday night was one of the biggest wins of the season so far. Both teams came into the game 7-0, but only one came in without a major asset, Tigers Quarterback Trevor Lawrence. After 2 intense rounds of overtime, Notre Dame secured the win with a score 47-40. This bumped them up to No. 2 in the country, and Clemson fell to No. 4.

Throughout all the overwhelming excitement, Notre Dame students forgot that the world was in the middle of a pandemic as they stormed the field, mask-less. This has rightfully raised concerns with the schools President, Rev. John Jenkins. He told students via email that they are all required to receive a COVID test before leaving campus for their combined Thanksgiving and Winter Break. The university has about 8,000 students enrolled, so like many students, I’m sure you’re reading this and thinking that the campus won’t notice if a few go untested. Well, the consequence standard that Jenkins has set might change your mind. Jenkins warned students that if they don’t receive testing, or if they leave campus before their required 2-week quarantine period is over, students will be prohibited from enrolling in classes next semester. That’s definitely one way to ensure a campus-wide test, but testing doesn’t mean that football players didn’t contract the virus after contact with students on the field. I’d say it’d be safe to anticipate an influx in the Notre Dame Football teams case numbers very soon.


This week I’m laying off the criticism and sarcasm to bring you a truly inspiring story. Josh Allen is a great quarterback on the field for the Bills with 2,587 yards on the season and 19 total touchdowns. But Allen works with the Buffalo community off the field as well, more specifically with the Oishei Children’s hospital. Which is why when news broke that Allen’s grandmother had died Saturday night, fans knew exactly how to send condolences to the quarterback and his family.

Fans took to twitter to donate to the Oishei hospital, in donations of $17. Oddly specific you might ask, but Josh Allen wears jersey no. 17 for the Buffalo Bills. The campaign quickly took off and so far, the hospital has received more than $200,000 dollars in donations.

The Hospital is still accepting donations if you’d like to contribute.

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