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Vanderbilt vs Missouri

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: History x2

“I’m just, thankful.”

Photo by Missouri Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

High School

A couple weeks ago, Nolan Catholic was highlighted for their undefeated season as they head into a TAPPS playoff run. In the 2019 season, they made it 2 rounds into the playoffs and got their run cut short by John Paul II in a 49-15 loss. This season, they ironically took on John Paul II in the second round again, but this time ended in victory and another week of football. This week, the 7-0 Nolan Catholic boys will take on the 3-4 FW All Saints football team. This upcoming game is the State Semifinals, so the winner has the state finals to look forward to next week.


This past weekend was historical in many ways, but my favorite is the fact that 2x SEC Women’s Soccer Champion, Sarah Fuller, became the first woman to play in a Power 5 FBS game. Fuller took the field with the Vanderbilt Football Team in the second half. She squib-kicked the opening kickoff 30 yards, making it un-returnable for Mizzou. Which, is exactly what the team wanted since they were down 21-0 at the time, and would end up losing 41-0. While Fuller was never given the opportunity to show her PAT skills, the senior paved the way for many women to come.

However, many men on social media began to project their insecurities onto Sarah Fuller.

The senior has yet to comment directly back to any hate, which I applaud her for. If it were me, no promises on a “kill them with kindness” approach.

With her historical performance on the field, and lack of response to hate on social media, Sarah Fuller should be a role model to women for many years to come.


This past weekend we were blessed with a 2-days of women in sports. We saw the performance of Sarah Fuller on Saturday, and Callie Brownson on Sunday. Brownson made NFL history when she became the first woman to coach a position group for a team. Brownson, who is the Cleveland Browns Chief of Staff, was given the opportunity to step in as interim tight ends coach.

Unfortunately for internet trolls, it’s hard to hate on a coach who gets her job done. The Browns won 27-25 over Jacksonville, and Brownson specifically contributed to this. One of her tight ends, Austin Hooper, had 2 catches for 13 yards and a touchdown in the 2nd quarter to put Cleveland up 17-13.

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