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TCU Football vs Louisiana Tech: Gamethread

The Horned Frogs get one last ride at home, and play their first non-conference game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One last ride in The Carter.

TCU Football’s final game of the regular season, and final home game, is likely the last time that several significant players will step foot on the immaculate grass of AGCS. Garret Wallow, a senior, is heading to the NFL, and guys like Trevon Meohrig and Pro Wells are expected to follow. With frozen eligibility, you may see some seniors return in 2021, but Austin Myers, TJ Storment, Kellton Hollins, and others are technically through if they want to be.

But it’s about more than just celebrating those that gave their all for the program, it’s also about positioning the program for a quality bowl game — and finishing the season on a three game win streak.

So, let’s watch the Frogs and the Bulldogs battle, and hope TCU can bring home another win.