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Early Signing Period: Alexander Honig is first in the fold

The Horned Frogs got their first LOI bright and early Wednesday morning (and from a long way away!).

But can he run a jet sweep?
Melissa Triebwasser

The first TCU Football class of 2021 commit has officially signed, as Alexander Honig sent in his LOI all the way from Germany bright and early Wednesday morning.

Honig is quite possibly the most interesting recruit in TCU’s class, and one of the most interesting in the country, as you just don’t see a lot of European American Football players make it to the Power Five level, and you definitely don’t see many QBs. In fact, only Luke Wentz, on scholarship at Virginia, can say as much currently. Well, at least for a little while longer.

Honig looks like he was built in a quarterback factory; at 6’6” with 11” hands, he certainly has the prototypical NFL build for a pocket passer, and the rocket arm comes with it. His 38” vertical would have been the best mark at The Combine since RGIII, and while his 4.7 speed doesn’t put him in Lamar Jackson territory, it does put him in the top ten of active pro passers right now.

Of course, looking the part physically and being an effective quarterback at the collegiate level are two very different things, and the learning curve is sure to be steep for an 18 year old kid who has played American competition strictly at camps to this point. He’s a project, but a developable one, and he certainly has the right attitude about what it’s going to take to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL someday, as he told Drew Davison of the Star-Telegram. “I would say a good comparison for me is [Buffalo Bills quarterback] Josh Allen,” said Honig, who speaks fluent English. “I’m still raw with everything, but I feel I have the highest ceiling you can find anywhere. I’ve never had great coaching, so there’s a lot I can still work on and get better at.”

And if QB doesn’t work out for him?

He’s a picture perfect receiving tight end, too, someone who could be a more explosive version of Pro Wells and fit the mold of the Travis Kelce/George Kittle/Mark Andrews freakshows dominating the pro game these days.

Sure, it’s a bit of a risk, but it’s a great risk to take. Honig has as high a ceiling as anyone in the class of 2021, and with great development and coaching, something we expect him to get at TCU, he has a chance to be special.

And, I mean, just watch the tape and tell me you’re not excited to at least see what this kid can do with a full year of being in a Power Five collegiate program:

Honig is a great kid with an incredible work ethic and more motivation than most. He arrives in Fort Worth with a massive chip on his shoulder and the will to prove a lot of people wrong. I have a feeling that’s going to pay off for him, and TCU, big time.

Welcome to the Frog Fam, Alexander!