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Early Signing Period: Noah Bolticoff comes to shore up the trenches.

This kid is a monster.

TCU v Baylor Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images

Thank you, Blaize Foltz.

The former TCU offensive lineman is now coaching high school football at Rose Hill in Kansas, and played a big role in bringing this big man to Funky Town.

Bolticoff is the kind of rugged, midwestern hog mollie that you want lining up in front of your quarterback and clearing space for running backs. And this kid is a people mover to the extreme.

At 6’5” and 265 pounds already, Noah is certainly going to look the part from day one. And having been trained by Foltz, who looks like a bodybuilder currently, you know he’s no stranger to the weight room.

Originally a Kansas State commit, Bolticoff flipped to the Frogs back in June and has held strong ever since. According to recruiting analyst Gabe Brooks, Bolticoff is:

Big-framed offensive line prospect with the playing experience and build that project to tackle. Possesses frame space to get to desired mass in college strength and conditioning program. Sets with good, wide base in pass pro. Shows encouraging hand placement as a pass blocker. Gets to the second level in the run game with relative ease. Quick off the ball. Can improve initial punch power at the point of attack. More of a catcher than a puncher at this point. Finishes blocks when opportunity arises, but will need to build overall strength, particularly in lower body, to continue development as a drive-blocker in the run game. Power 5-caliber offensive line prospect with tackle build, but potential to provide position versatility.

In a league that values quarterback play more than most, having a strong offensive line is the key to success — something Frog fans know all too well.

Adding Noah to the trenches bodes well for the future at the guard position for TCU Football.