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“Tylan has put his all into being an Oklahoma State football player.” A Q&A with CRFF

We talked to Micah Allen of Cowboys Ride for Free to get the inside scoop on Oklahoma State.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Bryan Terry-USA TODAY Sports

What we thought was the last regular season game is not the last conference game for TCU, and for it they will welcome a very good Oklahoma State team. We reached out to Micah Allen, managing editor of our sister site Cowboys Ride For Free, to talk Chuba, Gundy, and what is up with Spence Sanders.

Frogs O’ War: Oklahoma State came into the season with a ton of promise, but a surprise loss to Texas at home and the Bedlam result took some of the steam out of the sails. How would you rate this season, in light of 2020 and in regards to expectations?

Micah Allen: I would say this season has been a 6.5/10 as far as a rating goes. With both Chuba and Tylan deciding to come back it just felt like it was a Big 12 championship or bust. Then you had tons of adversity on the offensive line as well as injuries at other positions. With all that being said, I think with everything Covid brought, expectations were lower when there was a time that we didn’t think there would be a season at all. In my opinion, the Texas loss is more disappointing. Oklahoma State had every opportunity to win that game and between bad refs and shooting themselves in the foot, it was just incredibly frustrating. The Bedlam loss had some frustrating coaching decisions, but overall I was expecting what happened in the back of my mind.

FOW: When healthy, the Cowboys’ running backs are as good as any unit in the country. How has that group worked together this season? Do you expect to see Chuba/Brown on the field this weekend?

MA: I would expect Chuba is done for the year. He needs to get healthy for his next career move. As far a LD Brown goes, I’m honestly not sure what’s going on with him. I know he’s nursing an injury but I’m not sure what percentage he’s running at if that makes sense. If he’s healthy, I’d expect he’d share reps with Dezmon Jackson.

FOW: Spencer Sanders: WTH?

MA: LOL this is me watching him every Saturday. The Spencer Sanders experience is a wild ride He has such brilliant moments, but then on the next play he’ll do something that just...makes you scratch your head and say “what are you doing”. He has got to learn how to deal with plays breaking down. It’s like if a play collapses he just doesn’t know what to do. But he has shown that it’s there. He has times where he can’t throw so he’ll run it himself. But then the next time it happens, he’ll decide to throw it Tylan even though he’s double covered and boom interception. It’s just so unbelievably confusing.

FOW: The Oklahoma State defense has been generally really good, but had some issues with OU and Texas Tech. The Sooners, well, we’ve all been there. What happened against the Red Raiders though?

MA: They’ve all a sudden started having a bit of an issue with giving up the big play. In the post-game press conference, it seemed like Knowles thinks they just have kinda run out of gas a little bit which happens late in the season. Guys are playing through bumps and bruises. It doesn’t help when the offense isn’t doing the best job of letting them rest just a bit longer. I think when that happens how do expect them to keep that energy up ya know? Luckily, they’re helping score points with two defensive TDs in the Tech game.

FOW: Tylan Wallace is as elite as any player in the country. A Fort Worth native, TCU fans consider him one of the ones that got away. How would you describe his career and what he means to the OSU community?

MA: *Grabs Tissues* Tylan has helped to put, or keep, Oklahoma State in the conversation nationally. Between being a Biletnikoff finalist, his amazing catches, people are talking about OSU in part because of him. He’s had to deal with some adversity with the ACL tear last year but has come back from that hungry and with what I think is a new appreciation for the game. Tylan has put his all into being an Oklahoma State football player and the fans are certainly going to miss him. He’s a great kid. When the team is doing things in the community like Coaches vs Cancer or anything like that, it always seems like Tylan is right in the thick of it. We’re certainly gonna miss him as well.

FOW: Mike Gundy is also very good, but lately, the fan base has seemed to sour on him a bit, both for his off the field “issues” (or simply lack of tact) and his inability to get over the OU hump. Do you think he is/remains the right guy to lead the Pokes?

MA: Personally, I’m over Gundy. I just... don’t think it’s worth it anymore. Yes, I’ll take ten win seasons over beating OU every year. That makes sense. But at this point, he’s not even doing that on a regular basis anymore. Like if you’re going to go to a mediocre bowl game every year, AND lose your rivalry game then really what are we doing? I know that OSU is not going to be a blue blood. But, I just think it’s time to move on. I think OSU is a program that is capable of doing better. I think that conference championships every few years shouldn’t be too much to ask, and if there was a year where Gundy could do it, I think this was his chance and he blew it.

FOW: What’s your prediction for Saturday? Additionally, where/who would you like to see Oklahoma State play in a bowl game?

MA: Hmmmm this is a tough one. I’m gonna go with 34-24 Cowboys. As for a bowl game, I think it’d be fun to play UNC in the Cheeze-It Bowl. Mack is a former Big 12 coach so that’s a storyline. And it’d be a new opponent.