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NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Duke

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: It’s a Blue Blood War.

In week 15 of YIGHTCYB, we’re talking Blue Bloods, XFL, women’s basketball, and a tribute to the Altobelli’s.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of the Altobelli’s

It’s been 2 weeks since the tragic helicopter crash in Calabasas that took the lives of 9 victims, including Kobe and Gianna Bryant. The Laker’s, as well as other NBA teams, have continued to honor the Bryant’s with a 24 second moment of silence, and 8 second back court violations. Yesterday, the MLB took the time to honor the Altobelli family. Many poured into the LA Angels stadium to pay tribute to the Orange Coast College baseball coach, and his wife and daughter. Each family member was remembered by kind words of friends, family, videos, and photographs. All 9 victims will continue to be remembered for years to come, and have forever left a mark on athletes and their drive to compete.

XFL takeaways

I’m more of a traditional football fan, but in the absence of football season, the XFL might be worth giving a watch. Here are two of the biggest rules and takeaways essential for all viewers

1. Kickoff

The ball is required to go past the 20, and players are not allowed to move until the returner touches the ball. This is a pretty cool addition, seeing as this addition rules out those tiring, safe called touchbacks we see in traditional football. Don’t get me wrong, they’re called when necessary in the NFL, but this method of kickoff is actually safer from concussions as well.

2. Extra points

There are no traditional extra points, instead lines with a different value of points- 1 point from the 2-yard line, 2 from the 5, and 3 from the 10. Eh, this rule I’m not so sure about. It’s a little odd and unnecessary. I’d much rather see field goals being made by guys.

Is XFL football equal to the NFL or college? Absolutely not, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit watching some XFL games are in my near future.

Beat ‘em, don’t join ‘em?

This past weekend Syracuse got a top-notch recruit. The No. 4 ranked player in the 2022 class as well as No. 1 ranked Point Guard, Dior Johnson, tweeted that he was 100% committed after a visit. Huge congratulations, and good for him! What’s so odd about this though, would be one of his reasons. Johnson stated in Sports Illustrated that he had-

“Nothing against Blue Bloods (but wanted) to go somewhere where (he) could compete against them and beat them.”

That’s an awesome mentality to have especially for a young player, but who told him Syracuse wasn’t a Blue Blood? While they’re not top-tier like Duke, UNC (in previous years), and Kansas, they’re definitely on the fringe. I don’t mean to harp on the guy, but c’mon now he could’ve beat those Blue Bloods at TCU.

Duke vs UNC

Speaking of Blue Bloods, The Duke and UNC game was no joke. Duke, 11-2, was almost certainly declared the winner over North Carolina, 3-9, before warmups commenced. North Carolina quickly proved they could play good basketball, if there was some motivation behind it. The game became 84-82 with UNC in the lead, and Tre Jones would botch his free throw to attempt a rebound then put up a quick 2 points. Luck, skill, or mixture of both got the ball in as time expired and sent the game to overtime. Duke would end up winning the game 98-96, which I would personally still count as a win for North Carolina. Having a next to awful season, especially for this program, a close game like this is really all they could ask for.

Women’s basketball, who’s on top?

No. 1 South Carolina has earned their place as the top dog after a 70-52 win over No. 5 UConn. This is the first time South Carolina has won after 8 tries, and if they were ever going to overcome the Huskies, it would be this year. South Carolina is taking more 3 pointers and playing tougher defense than they ever had, and it’s going to even more evident once tournament play comes around. Like I’ve continued to say, Baylor is wacky with their sports teams. So, it’s no shock that Baylor women are sitting in a strong second place, followed by Oregon and NC State.

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