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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Notre Dame

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: a Giraffe, a Disappointment, and the Ultimate Showdown

This past week brought upon the naming of a special furry friend, another bad performance from a consistently disappointing team, and the Saturday showdown the basketball world has been waiting for all season.

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Baby Burreaux

Yep, secrets out. There’s a Baby Burreaux running around, but not in the way you might think. On December 26, a Giraffe was born at the Baton Rouge Zoo. His name was to be determined by a fundraiser. Each person that donated was able to submit their choice of name: Burreaux, Kiume, or Romeo. On Valentine’s Day, it was announced that Burreaux was the obvious winner.

Deeper, and deeper they dig

It’s been established this is not North Carolina’s season, but this is really not North Carolina’s season. The 3-12 Tar Heels, who are on an 0-6 run, dug a little deeper into their grave after Notre Dame rallied back to beat them 77-76. The worst part about this loss, is up until the end of the 2nd half, UNC was playing their best game all season, with the lead for most of the game. Their downfall came from their defense, and a little bit of straight up bad luck. With 2.4 seconds remaining Notre Dame’s, Nate Laszewski, hit a 3 pointer to seal North Carolina’s unfortunate fate. If Notre Dame plays out strong, they could see an end to a 2-year NCAA tournament drought, but UNC won’t be as lucky. They’ll finish with a losing record, and let down their preseason ranking of No. 9.

The ultimate Saturday showdown

While it hasn’t happened yet, the anticipation of the game has me on the edge of my seat. On Saturday morning at 11, No. 1 Baylor will take on No. 3 Kansas at home. Not only is this a Big 12 showdown that I’d be hype for anyways, but the No.1 seed in the NCAA Tournament could be heavily influence by this game. Baylor is currently undefeated in the conference, and Kansas sits at the No. 2 spot with a 12-1 record from an early season loss to, you guessed it, Baylor. This game should be close, but I am definitely betting on a Bears win.

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