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NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: It’s Getting Hot In Here.

This week is getting heated up with a Super Bowl comeback, a basketball show down, and a new era?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This years Super Bowl was definitely a game you didn't want to miss, and with 99.9 million viewers, I think it’s safe to say nobody did. We’ve all talked about Mahomes and his comeback win, but what commercials stole the show (in my opinion of course)?

My Top Superbowl Commercials

1. Next 100

This commercial was the best commercial I’ve seen in a very long time. I can’t really pinpoint what I loved about it, I think it was the whole idea of the NFL embracing the young kids dreams from all different backgrounds, while respecting the players before them who made it possible. The commercial got real after the boy stops to pay his respect to the Pat Tillman statue, that classy moment secured its spot for NO. 1 commercial of the night. The coolest part about the entire commercial? It ends in live footage of the kids running out onto the field.

2. Smaht Pahk

This commercial sits at No. 2 just for being so ridiculously hilarious. The accuracy of the Boston accent was too spot on, and you know this group had a fun time making this one. Bostonians are even taking their opinions to social media to describe how accurate this really is, and too offer the improvements of drinking Dunkin Donuts rather than generic coffee.

3. Loretta

This was the saddest thing I have ever watched. I think when this commercial came on, our entire house went silent. Huge props to Google for this one. The entire commercial basically goes through a man’s life with his wife, as he asks Google to remember the little details. It’s assumed that the man has some form of Alzheimer’s/dementia, and is needing that extra help to remember.

Oregon Shows No Mercy to UConn

While men’s basketball is heating it up in the polls, the UConn women’s team had a little meltdown of their own.

Last night, the No. 3 Oregon Ducks slaughtered the No. 4 UConn Huskies for their worst home loss since 2005. This 74-56 victory was no joke, and came as a disappointment to many in the sold-out crowd.

Maybe UConn has run out of luck this year. Just last month the Baylor Bears ending their teams 98-game home winning streak.

The women’s rankings are now, respectively, South Carolina, Baylor, Louisville, Oregon, and UConn.

Basketball Rankings

This week the top 4 in the Ap poll have remained the same, and with good reason. Baylor (19-1), Gonzaga (23-1), Kansas (18-3) and record setting San Diego State (23-0) have all shown they deserve their spots. The only discussion that needs to happen is outside of the top 10. Auburn and Maryland, both outside the top 10, were the only team without loses this week. I think it’s safe to say some unlikely teams are taking the spotlight this year, but is it 15 seconds of fame, or a new era? It’s still too close to call, but let’s just all agree that March Madness, will be madness.

TCU Non-Rev

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Men’s Basketball: TCU concedes one-point loss to No. 23 Texas Tech

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