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NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Let’s Call it a Freaky Week

What’s going on with the NFL and NBA, and what are high schools doing now?

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As many of you know, sports have been temporarily halted for the time being due to the Corona Virus. The effect of this move stretches from High School and March Madness to the NBA and more. How is everyone reacting is this time of uncertainty?

High School

Out here in Prosper, school has been cancelled until March 23rd (for the time being). The UIL has also cancelled all sports and events until April. The Football and basketball team took to Twitter to inform their athletes that an entire Google Classroom page has been set up for them with at-home off-season workouts. The Soccer, Baseball, and Softball teams are sure to follow suit. However, this is definitely more detrimental to them. Soccer would have entered their first round of playoffs this week, and Baseball/Softball would have their first district games. If one thing is certain, these high school athletes are hungry and undoubtedly will continue to prepare for their seasons as best as they can.

March Madness

Possibly the most heartbreaking cancellation has been the decision to not hold the NCAA tournaments this year for men or women. Earlier in the week, rumors swirled that brackets would still be released almost as a “what if” type of situation. However, those were quickly shut down and probably for the best. I don’t necessarily see the need to dwell on what could’ve been this year, when most of these athletes are still trying to comprehend and cope with playing in their last ever collegiate game.


While the Ivy’s were the first to cancel their sporting events, the NBA was not long after. Most likely due to 2 Jazz players actually contracting the virus, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Commissioner, Adam Silver, has said the NBA hiatus is likely to last ‘at least’ 30 days. Since that statement 4 days ago, it’s been rumored they might stop play until June (key word ‘rumored’).

While the actual game of basketball is halted, players and owners are still giving back to the community. Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, announced that he will continue to pay American Airlines Center employees for the games that they will miss due to the hiatus. Saturday, he also alerted his company and players that anyone who buys from local, small businesses will be reimbursed, as his attempt to keep the economy going.

Zion Williamson, took to social media to pay for Pelican Arena staff salaries for the next 30 days. He was joined by Giannis Antetokounmpo’s generosity, as he donated $100,000 to the Fiserv Forum Staff.

While not monetary, other players like Steph Curry and Donovan Mitchell have used their platforms to alert people of the seriousness and precautions they should be taking to stop the spread.


While nobody is aware of what is to come, the NFL has added a sense of normalcy back into sports by announcing yesterday morning that they will hold the NFL draft in April, but they will leave out the fan events that usually go along with the excitement. Former draft picks have spoken out saying that they would rather watch from their own homes, but seeing as the draft is about a month away, my guess is that the NFL is anticipating thing to be much better by that point. Along with the draft, trades and franchise tags are still continuing as usual.

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