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The Official TCU Best Moments Bracket

Let’s get ready to vooooooote! Fill out your brackets today!

NCAA East Regional Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. least some of us have been looking forward to for a few days.

It has been a brutal **checks calendar** twelve days without sports. We can’t keep going like this for much longer.

So, in a desperate attempt to fill some of our time, we at Frogs O’ War have developed the Best TCU Moments Bracket. You contributed to the list if you participated on Twitter, and now you’ll be able to fill out your bracket and join the debate as we work through 64 TCU sports moments to unearth the best one.

I’m working on a mechanism for us to track everyone’s picks, but right now that doesn’t seem feasible. If someone knows a resource or has extra time on their hands, reach out to me and let’s put our heads together.

Right up front, I have a few observations about the full bracket:

  • It is heavily skewed to the last 15 years. That being said, the last 15 years of TCU Athletics have been some of the best all-time. Plus, recency bias will almost always have an impact on anything like this.
  • This very well could have been strictly a football moments bracket. We probably could have done a 64-moment bracket with just baseball, too. But in the interest of honoring some of the incredible moments and achievements outside those two sports we’ve made sure this is an Athletics bracket, not just a two-sport bracket.
  • That being said, a ton of really, really fun moments were left off this list. Let me know what moment you think should have made it in the comments.
  • The FOW team created the list, alongside you, and I did the majority of the seeding. We put it up for conversation yesterday, and a few things were tweaked, but if you have seeding hate you can direct it towards me.
  • I included years for moments that might need them. If you need clarification on what a moment is/when it happened just ask in the comments and I’ll clarify - we’ll have more detailed analysis of each moment (with video when we can find some, and maybe some short podcast debates) as we break down each region in the coming days.

Now, to the logistics:

  • Download a PDF of the full bracket right here: FOW Moments Bracket.pdf.
  • You’ll be able to vote on every single matchup over the next several days. We’ll do a region per day this week, and start condensing things in the days ahead. You can see when each region will be up for voting below.
  • You can vote right here on this #website, or on twitter polls posted by @FrogsOWar and FrogPreacher. Vote every time! Share this stuff with friends and have them vote! It’s not like we’ll miss a live game while we’re doing this.

Let’s take a glance at each region.

The Patterson Region

Round 1 voting takes place March 24

The Top Seed: Immaculate Deflection - Tank Carder’s incredible Rose Bowl play.

The Sleeper: Peach Bowl double-pass TD - Boykin to Listenbee to Green. A blowout ensued.

The Cinderella?: Boykin Juke + Holgo High-Five - how often does an opposing head coach high five you MID GAME for something you just did to their team?

The Schlossnagle Region

Round 1 voting takes place March 25

The Top Seed: Feltman Thumbs Down vs. Texas A&M - When you strike out the final batter to advance to the College World Series, then mock the opponent’s beloved hand sign on the mound without missing a beat, you immediately ascend to legend status.

The Sleeper: Kyle Bacak suicide squeeze vs. Pepperdine - It wasn’t a walk off, but the eventual game winning run sent TCU to the College World Series.

The Cinderella?: Washington runs down C.J. Spiller - you might not remember this play, but I saw it live. I have never seen someone track a fast dude down like Darryl Washington did to Spiller on that rainy day at Clemson.

The Dixon Region

Round 1 voting takes place March 26

The Top Seed: Matt Curry CWS Grand Slam - Is there a more iconic TCU Baseball moment? Maybe. Maybe not.

The Sleeper: Reagor’s receiving TD against Baylor in 2018 - no one has zigged or zagged more than Reagor did on that play. No one.

The Cinderella?: Bane’s game-winner against Oklahoma State - TCU advanced in the Big 12 tournament because of this shot. It was a doozy.

Dixon Region

The Pebley Region

Round 1 voting takes place March 27

The Top Seed: Welcome Home: TCU joins the Big 12 - No more wandering in the desert for TCU Athletics. They finally made their way home in 2012.

The Sleeper: “I’m That Guy” - Yes you are, Desmond Bane, and after that stepback three-point dagger that helped beat Baylor no one can question it.

The Cinderella?: Oberkrom’s game winning field goal vs. West Virginia (2014) - What a chaotic, beautiful disaster of a football game. And it ended exactly how it needed to.

Pebley Region

So fill your brackets out and let’s get feisty in the comments!