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NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: ESPN 30 for 30

Boredom has set in, and these are my top 3 ESPN 30 for 30 episodes so far.

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Whether you’re doing online schooling, or working from home, one thing is for certain right now. We all have an abundance of free time. So, naturally, it’s a perfect time to catch up (or start) on ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. These 3 episodes are my personal favorites.

Catholics vs Convicts

This film tells the story of the Miami, Notre Dame game, and the environment surrounding that game. The narrator of the story was a Notre Dame student, and friends with the student who created the infamous t shirt that the documentary gets its name from. The episode basically gives the background information, as well as emotional reaction from Miami players. This game and rivalry were before my time, and I found this one to be especially interesting, so I can full heartedly say I would recommend Catholics vs Convicts to anyone and everyone!

Catholics vs. Convicts

Notre Dame Football and Miami Hurricanes Football face off this weekend. Here's a sneak peek at ESPN 30 for 30's look back at their legendary 1988 clash, in "Catholics vs. Convicts," Dec. 10 on ESPN:

Posted by ESPN on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Fab 5

The Fab 5 is the story of the five Michigan basketball players who forever changed the game of college basketball. It follows them through their triumphs, and all the way to the end of their road with agony and defeat. Not only does it show their confidence on the court, but their confidence in an otherwise taboo culture at the time. Evidence is shown on the famous Chris Webber “timeout”, who declined to participate in the film, that proves Webber might not have cost the team the game on his own. Overall, The Fab 5 was where I felt the most emotional connection to the players and teams. This one is definitely ranked high on my list.


There’s a part 1 and 2 to this episode (each almost 2 hours). The storyline follows Michael Vick through his career, the good and the bad, and shows who helped him become the superstar quarterback he was. Part 1 focuses on the good, but part 2 doesn’t stray away from the bad. Featuring Stanley Nelson, the man who helped Vick get back on track, he explains the “playbook” they created for him to take full responsibility and walk on the path forward.

'Vick' Part 2: Trailer

'Vick' Part 2. February 6th at 9 PM ET on ESPN

Posted by ESPN 30 for 30 on Friday, January 31, 2020
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