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NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Texas Christian

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Is it Really an Upset if it Doesn’t Upset You?

Going 5-6 against the top dawgs? I’ll take it.

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UCONN Women’s Team Shows No Mercy

The No.6 Huskies have established they are a dominant team, but THIS was a major statement. On Saturday, UCONN absolutely slaughtered Houston in a 92-40 victory. This game was an expected win, last time they played they won by 40, but who would’ve thought they could do it again? This win, makes for 27-straight 25-win seasons for the girls, and they become 135-0 in AAC play. Anna Makurat scored 16 points, and has now played 4-straight games where she’s scored at least 16 points. The team leader of the night was Megan Walker with 21, Olivia Nelson-Ododa with 14, and Crystal Dangerfield with 10. The Huskies are back in action on Monday against South Florida for their last regular season game.

Upsets, Except We Like Them

Of course, first on the list of losers today has to be Baylor. It’s always fun to beat Baylor, but It’s more fun to beat Baylor when they’re the No. 2 ranked team in the country. That 75-72 victory is definitely going to hurt their seeding for the NCAA tournament in 2 weeks.

Duke also managed to lose to Virginia. While theirs is not AS embarrassing, once again their seeding will take a huge hit going into March Madness after a 52-50 loss.

One team nobody can seem to beat is Texas, and Tech proved to be no different on Saturday. They took a sizeable 68-58 loss at home to the Longhorns, way too close to the upcoming tournament. In the coming week, the Raiders have games against Baylor and Kansas, so a special good luck to our friends out in West Texas.

While there were many other loses this weekend, these happened to be my favorite. Top ranked teams went 5-6 this weekend, so I’d say it was a great day to be an underdog.

Coronavirus, Everyone Stop What You’re Doing

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China, there have been 15 confirmed cases and 1 death in the United States. However, at least 32 million cases of the Flu and 18 thousand deaths have been confirmed in the United States. Still, the world seems to be more pressed on the Coronavirus. The virus is even infiltrating the world of sports now. On Saturday, the NCAP has asked the NCAA to hold March Madness tournaments without spectators until the virus has been contained. I’m struggling to say this respectfully, so I think I will just leave y’all with the above amount of confirmed Flu cases this year. Moving on.

Post-Brawl Showdown

1 month after the famous Jayhawk-Wildcat brawl, and the teams came ready to play. This rivalry dates back to 1907, but with a fight at their last meeting, this game was bound to be their most physical yet. The game remained tight, and the Jayhawks were up 35-34 going into half. The amount of ‘close game’ alerts I got from ESPN in the second half really proved how close this game was. Nevertheless, Big brother reminded K-State who the big dawg was, and they won 62-58. The Jayhawks are currently ranked No. 1 in the AP poll, and have a 1 game lead over No. 2 Baylor (thanks to our Frogs).

$10,000 Half-Court Shot

You know at sports events when they say “you get $10,000, all you have to do is something most of our scholarship athletes could only dream about doing”? Well, Nick Hostetter might just be the coolest fan around. At the Kentucky-Auburn game, Central Bank sponsored a halftime half-court competition for $10,000. With 3 attempts, Hostetter made it on his first try, talk about a good luck charm! Up by only 3 at half, Kentucky came out strong and on top with a 73-66 win.

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