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TCU News: “70 players in their underwear jumping up and down like we won the lottery.”

You’re going to want to read the story behind the headline, I promise.

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Links O’ War
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From wake-up calls to check-ins, TCU football trying to keep players in a routine | The Star-Telegram

Everybody is zooming lol.

But, as Patterson said jokingly in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, “It’s kind of like asking me after the second day of fall practice — how’s it going? I don’t know. We haven’t even hit pads yet. We’re just in the first week.

“There’s going to be guys that are going to do better than the others just like regular students. The further we go, there’s a help line academically, plus academic support downstairs for these guys. Everybody is just going to have to put more effort into it. But we’ve got time to put more effort into it. We’re not practicing.”

As of now, there is nothing football-related TCU or any Big 12 team can do. The conference has suspended all sports-related activities, including meetings, until at least Sunday when it will be re-evaluated.

TCU Throwback Thursday: Catching up with former WR Bart Johnson | Horned Frog Blitz

This is one story from a great interview — definitely need to check this story out.

Whenever that kicker from Nevada made that kick to win the game we ran out of the room and it sounded like elephants. It was one of those hotels that had the big atrium in the middle and you could run to the railing and all of our players all run out of their rooms in their underwear and were all screaming, yelling, hugging. It was almost midnight and the whole hotel wakes up and the manager runs out and is yelling and Coach Patterson told him ‘just let them enjoy it’. Coach Patterson even knew. You talk about a tough time sleeping that night. The next day all of the fans show up with roses and when we beat New Mexico (66-17) they had roses waiting for us after the game. I’ll never forget that vision in the hotel in Albuquerque with about 70 players in their underwear jumping up and down like we won the lottery. We all knew what it meant. Nevada was not supposed to win that game. That’s why that one was so special; everything had to line up perfectly.

TCU four-star transfer Karter Johnson headed to Butler CC as TE | 247 sports

Wait. What?

The now 6-foot-3, 230-pound Ohio native had originally planned to transfer from TCU and immediately attend another four-year institution. But the interest in the portal wasn’t what he initially expected so he decided resetting at a JUCO would be the best fit.

Johnson will enroll at Butler this summer and plans to stay on campus for two seasons. He hopes to be back on the Power Five level for the 2022 seasons with two years left to play.

“I think I need to go back to get back on my feet, reboot and start over,’ Johnson said. “Plus, I’m changing positions. I need to make a name for myself doing it.”

2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report: TCU CB Jeff Gladney | Pro Football Network

Gladney has been a fast-riser over the last few weeks.

AnalysisGladney comes with next-level athleticism, speed and ball skills, but his limited size and growth potential is a red flag. Gladney could line up in nickel packages at the next level for variety of schemes at the very least, and he offers potential in either man coverage or backed off the line of scrimmage.