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Best TCU Moments Bracket: Dixon and Pebley Sweet 16 Matchups

Time to vote!

Photo by: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

(Editor’s Note: Please remember, you can vote here AND on Twitter. Check out @FrogsOWar for the Twitter polls)

The other side of the Sweet 16 is now open for voting. If you missed voting for the Patterson and Schlossnagle Regions, you can do so here.

More incredible matchups are on the way, but we need to say goodbye to some really great moments.

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Dixon Region

#5 Jones-Jones Relay

#6 Reagor TD vs. Baylor

#7 Mapaya Triple Jump National Champ

#9 Johnson Alamo Bowl Stop

Pebley Region

#5 Jet Breaks UT Ankles

#6 McFarland Pick-6

#9 Barzilli Walk Off

#10 Morrison 88-pitch CG

Now, the voting begins.

Dixon Region

#1 Matt Curry CWS Grand Slam vs. #4 BoykinFlip

Matt Curry CWS Grand Slam

Round 1: def. #16 MBB def. Baylor to win SWC (312 votes to 11 votes)

Round 2: def. #9 Denzel Johnson Alamo Bowl Deflection (185 votes vs. 48 votes)

We have a couple other home runs in the Best Moments Bracket. This might be the biggest one.

Facing elimination, down 7-5, two outs, full count, top of the 8th inning, Matt Curry launched a ball into orbit that legitimately might not have come back to earth yet. There are a couple of things to take note of here.

First, Curry had been crushing baseballs all season long. He finished with 18 home runs and 26 doubles, slugging .667 on the year. Missing a pitch to Curry essentially doomed the opposing pitcher, so while this was a massive, massive moment - he had been making people pay for their mistakes all season. Hanging a curveball wasn’t the way to go right here.

Second, outfielders are taught that if you lose the ball in the air, or know it’s going out, to at least pretend you’re going to catch it to throw off the runners on base. This poor centerfielder tries his best, but everyone and their mothers knew that ball wasn’t staying in Rosenblatt.

Lastly, has anyone run the bases on a dinger faster than Curry did? It’s like he hit it into the corner and was legging out an inside the park home run.

What a moment.


Round 1: def. #13 Rizer Robs UT Home Run (225 votes to 98 votes)

Round 2: def. #5 Jones-Jones Relay (161 votes to 89 votes)

Trevone Boykin gave is crazy play after crazy play, but the most ridiculous risk of his own health came against Kansas State in 2014. It was a night game against Top 10 teams, the Carter was rocking, and TCU proceeded to absolutely whip the Wildcats.

Along the way Boykin showed his willingness to sacrifice his body with this wild tumble into the end zone.


Who Should Advance?

This poll is closed

  • 79%
    #1 Matt Curry CWS Grand Slam
    (105 votes)
  • 20%
    #4 BoykinFlip
    (27 votes)
132 votes total Vote Now

#2 Doctson 1-handed catch vs. #3 LT Rushes for 406

Doctson’s 1-handed catch vs. Minnesota

Round 1: def. #15 Phillips/Henson 4th & 1 stop during Ike (243 votes to 33 votes)

Round 2: def. #7 Mapaya Triple Jump National Champ (228 votes vs. 80 votes)

Many Josh Doctson moments stand out, but this was the first and arguably the finest. In TCU’s opener against Minnesota in 2014, the Frogs debuted their newly built offense with a drubbing of the Gophers.

Doctson was one of many highlights, but the grace and ease with which he made this catch absolutely stands out. It stood out so much that Doctson’s catch was No. 1 on SportsCenter that night.

LT Rushes for 406 yards vs. UTEP

Round 1: def. #14 Green scores 7-straight to beat Kansas (299 votes to 33 votes)

Round 2: def. #6 Reagor TD vs. Baylor (271 votes to 71 votes)

In what was a record until just a season ago, LaDainian Tomlinson absolutely smoked UTEP in 1999 to the tune of 406 yards and six touchdowns. TCU won the game 52-24 and afterward LT simply praised his offensive line, saying “I need to buy them a couple of steaks.”


Who Advances?

This poll is closed

  • 15%
    #2 Doctson 1-handed catch
    (20 votes)
  • 84%
    #3 LT for 406
    (108 votes)
128 votes total Vote Now

Pebley Region

#1 Welcome Home vs. #4 TCU Walks-off A&M

Welcome Home - TCU Joins Big 12

Round 1: def. #16 Boise St. Misses FG for TCU win (267 votes to 68 votes)

Round 2: def. #9 Barzilli Walk-Off vs. NC State (169 votes to 86 votes)

When TCU was shunted to the side after the Southwest Conference dissolved, it started a desert-like wandering that took the Frogs through Conference USA, the WAC, and the Mountain West.

A brief period of dating the Big East gave Frog Fans hope that things like an “automatic BCS bid” was there for the taking, but the dream call finally came when the Big 12 extended an invitation for TCU to come home.

Chris Del Conte’s work to get the Frogs where they are today cannot be understated, and the day they announced TCU was joining the Big 12 is absolutely a premier moment in the history of TCU Athletics.

TCU walks-off Texas A&M in 2015 Super Regional

Round 1: def. #13 Reagor Hail Mary vs. SMU (290 votes to 52 votes)

Round 2: def. #5 Jet Breaks UT’s Ankles (175 votes to 72 votes)

There are several things at play in this moment. First, there’s a pretty clear understanding that Evan Skoug should have ended the game two innings earlier. He absolutely roped a ball, and had it not deflected off of the Aggie pitcher, that might be the moment in this bracket instead of this one.

But two innings later Skoug got another chance. With two runners on and two outs, Skoug hit a hard, bouncing grounder down the third base line. A&M’s third baseman ranged back to field it, but it bounced a few feet away from him.

Garrett Crain boldly (and probably unadvisedly) rounded third and headed for home. The third baseman recovered, and fired the ball toward home plate. If the catcher snags it, Cain is out by several feet. But the ball skipped away to the backstop, and TCU advanced to the College World Series.


Who Advances?

This poll is closed

  • 37%
    #1 Welcome Home
    (46 votes)
  • 62%
    #4 TCU Walks-Off A&M
    (78 votes)
124 votes total Vote Now

#2 Bram OT Alamo Bowl TD vs. #3 Paul Dawson Pick-6

Bram mixes it up with TD run vs. Oregon

Round 1: def. #15 Ryan Merrill Walks-Off A&M (331 votes to 38 votes)

Round 2: def. #10 Morrison 8-pitch complete game (259 votes to 34 votes)

The TCU-Oregon Alamo Bowl has been talked about by Frog fans so much, there’s almost nothing left to say about it. Bram Kohlhausen will always be a legend because of his performance in this one, and his third overtime touchdown run was TCU’s winning score.

Paul Dawson Pick-6 vs. Oklahoma (2014)

Round 1: def. #14 Jaden Oberkrom GW FG vs. WVU (262 votes to 75 votes)

Round 2: def. #6 James McFarland Pick-6 (224 votes to 66 votes)

When No. 4 Oklahoma came to Fort Worth in 2014, we were all still discovering just how good that 2014 Frog team was. They broke into the Top 25 the week prior, following a 56-0 win over SMU, but the Sooners were the first major test of the year.

With the game knotted at 31 early in the fourth quarter, the Frogs turned to one of their defensive leaders to make a play. And he did. Paul Dawson’s touchdown was the game winning score for the Frogs in the end.


Who Advances?

This poll is closed

  • 54%
    #2 Bram Alamo Bowl OT TD
    (67 votes)
  • 45%
    #3 Paul Dawson Pick-6 vs. OU
    (55 votes)
122 votes total Vote Now