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TCU News: “We have extended the offer to... come back and finish what they started,”

The Horned Frogs are welcoming back their seniors whose seasons were cut short. Good on them.

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TCU believes spring athletes deserve chance to ‘finish what they started’ | The Star-Telegram

The absolute right move.

TCU is welcoming back senior spring sport athletes who wish to take advantage of the extra eligibility option granted by the NCAA last month.

“We have extended the offer to those seniors who were impacted to come back and finish what they started,” athletic director Jeremiah Donati said.

Some schools, though, are not taking that approach. Wisconsin became the first notable school to make its policy known that it wouldn’t allow seniors to return last week.

TCU’s Jalen Reagor could be playmaker Steelers seek in 2nd round of NFL Draft | Trib Live

The Steelers are looking for speed, and Reag has it in spades.

“At TCU, he became a guy who you looked at and viewed as a fear factor player,” ESPN analyst Mel Kiper junior said recently. “I like the compact frame. I love his speed and his athleticism. To me, he’s a second-round pick who is going to play and play a long time in this league and be highly productive.”

In other years, Reagor might have merited a first-round selection and a heftier signing bonus. Given the depth of the receiver class, he is among a handful of prospects who should be available in the middle of the second round.

Kiper has seven receivers being targeted in the first round, and ESPN colleague Daniel Jeremiah has eight wideouts listed among his top 50 prospects. Reagor is not among them, which isn’t a knock on the TCU junior.

TCU Throwback Thursday: Catching up with former CB Rafael Priest | Horned Frog Blitz

Priest is a post-playing days success story.

“I think social media actually helps a lot with recruiting these days with the exposure. But , the main thing and I have little cousins I talk to a lot, I always say make sure you focus on the books and grades first and the offers will come. If you have the ACT or SAT score and you have the GPA to go with it and you’re a decent player people are looking to fill roster spots all the time. If you’re a decent player but you have a good ACT or SAT score that’s the key. That’s how I got my start and schools started looking at me; I had a pretty good GPA and I had a decent SAT score and I could play halfway good. They were okay giving me an opportunity because they knew I was going to be able to enroll on time and may an above average player or an average player; I’m not sure what I was. I would say post what you’re going to post; flaunt your offers and all of that, but do the same with your school work; flaunt your GPA, flaunt your SAT score. Put that out there so these coaches know, ‘hey I can play football, but I also have a good head on my shoulders’.”