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Up Next: Elijah Nunez

Get to know the story behind the 2020 baseball commit, Elijah Nunez.

It’s no secret that TCU’s recruiting classes in the upcoming years are stacked. From Football to Volleyball and everything in between, the Big 12 is soon to have a serious talent competition between teams.

Elijah Nunez is a 2020 baseball commit from Arlington Martin. The Baseball Factory describes the 5’9 outfielder as “one of the most advanced hitters in the 2020 class”, and in the outfield “not many balls get down that are hit his way.”

After 14 years of baseball, there’s bound to be many defining moments and inspirational coaches. When I sat down to talk to Nunez he described his favorite moment as “hitting a game-tying triple in the first round of the playoffs last year against Weatherford.” Martin ended up taking a 2-1 win over the first round series last year. While he credits his hitting Coach Homer Bush and childhood Coach Jason Baca for a lot of his success, his inspiration and drive stems closer to home. Nunez explained that he looks up to his dad, Quentin Williams, “who always puts his family first and has never steered (Elijah) in the wrong direction.”

Unfortunately, this year Nunez hit a block in the road early in the season. During a preseason game while in the outfield, he made a hard throw that would affect the rest of his senior season. While he knew something was wrong, he continued to play the game and even got a great hit in. After the game he was told it was a UCL tear, and he’s need surgery. Where many players would give up, Elijah took it as a teaching lesson, “this is just a speed bump in my career. It isn’t the first one and it won’t be the last.” His commitment to the game has pushed him harder during this time of rehab. He’s already out of the brace and just “trying to stay in top tier shape.”

Looking ahead, Elijah is going to try and work himself in a starting position with the Horned Frogs, and has goals to take the team to the College World Series. Aside from baseball, he’s not sure what he wants to major in yet, but he does know that he plans to do something involving business and real estate.

When he’s not on the field working or cheering on his teammates, or in the gym preparing for the future, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Elijah Nunez is the epitome of a TCU athlete, with the grit and determination to win and learn. I think he’ll become a great asset for the team for many years, and embody their morals even after he leaves.

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