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TCU News: “If we determine at some point that we cannot do so, we’ll look at other options.”

Is a TCU-Bama opener a real option?

Links O' War
Links O’ War
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College football rumors suggest a possible TCU-Alabama game at AT&T Stadium this fall | The Star-Telegram

Rumors of GP prepping for Bama week one are swirling...

“We are preparing to play Cal in Week 1,” TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati told the Star-Telegram. “If we determine at some point that we cannot do so, we’ll look at other options.”

Donati said that a decision on what do to about the opponent for that Week 1 contest needs to be made by around July 1.

Why is this match-up speculation gaining momentum? Well, both schools are set to face Pac-12, California-based schools to open the season. TCU is scheduled to play at Cal on Sept. 5, while Alabama and USC are scheduled to meet at AT&T Stadium that day.

But the Pac-12 has discussed playing a conference-only schedule amid the coronavirus pandemic. That would limit the amount of travel and exposure those teams would face this fall.

If the Pac-12 goes down that route, TCU and Alabama would both be looking for a non-conference opponent to open the season on the same date.

TCU football proves it’s a player for elite talent after landing first 5-star recruit | The Star-Telegram

GP loves an underdog, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t pine for stars, too.

Gladney’s story is what most associate with Patterson and TCU, the ability to find a “hidden gem” and develop him into a first-round talent. Not players such as Reagor and Blacklock who were highly rated when they came in and again when they left.

“One of the philosophies, the misnomers that people are going to have to get out of their mind is that we only recruit two- and three-stars,” Patterson said. “We have some good players here. What we try to do is not screw them up. What we do is have a system set up that you can develop guys.”

For Patterson, his point of being in the conversation and mix for high-end players was proven once again on Monday. The program landed its first five-star player in Galena Park North Shore running back Zach Evans.

5 breakout candidates for TCU next season, from highly touted recruits to long-awaited starters | Dallas Morning News

Daniels might be the most important player on this list, with the Frogs graduating two senior CBs.

Noah Daniels

Junior, CB

Daniels was expected to battle for a starting role at corner before missing his entire sophomore season due to an injury. He’s played just 13 games with the Frogs in his career, but there’s an expectation that he could be their next ace corner. Like Van Zandt, he’s a sturdy defensive back at 6 feet, 200 pounds. With Gladney gone, Daniels should slide into one of the two starting corner roles. If he lives up to the potential many think he has, it’ll be a major bonus for the defense.

Around Campus:

Spring at TCU: Empty classrooms, quiet campus | TCU 360

TCU 360 has done a great job taking you inside campus in these uncertain times.

After Covid-19 flipped lives upside-down, college students found themselves packing up to go back home and resume classes online, bidding farewell to friends, roommates, and professors with no sense of when they would return. However, for some juniors and seniors living close to campus, many found themselves back at TCU in their homes away from home. Two roommates, Jack Heathcott and Brady Stringer, share their insight on how even just being near college brightens quarantine, surrounding themselves with friends and familiarity, making all the difference in an otherwise lonely time.