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NFL: NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Season Set in Motion

Roger Goodell is promising the 2020 NFL season

Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

From the beginning of the virus, the NFL has continued operations without much change. The week that the Jazz players came down with the virus and the NBA halted their season, the NFL carried on with free agencies. They then carried out the draft, following safe social distancing, and I have to say it’s almost a relief that there is one consistency during this pandemic.

In addition to these operations being carried out, the NFL has announced that they will carry out the 2020 season per ALMOST usual. While the official plans will not be released until May 9th, Roger Goodell has given the public a pretty good idea of what to expect. Monday, he announced that the 5 international games that were to be played next season were in fact canceled. Smart move, and really not much of a surprise. The Jaguars, who were selected to host 2 games in London, will now be hosting the games at their stadium. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has apologized to his country but reassured them that will welcome the NFL in the 2021 season with open arms.

As for playing with fans at the stadiums? Nothing has been officially released, but NFL executive, Jeff Pash, has hinted that they will be playing the regular season and a full set of playoffs in front of fans.

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