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Monday Morning Quarterback: Gary Patterson’s pickin’ prowess on display in “Take a Step Back”

Coach P checked one off the bucket list during his down time.

TCU v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Football isn’t forever.

Whether it’s as a player or coach, there comes a time when everyone has to step away from the game on the gridiron. TCU head coach Gary Patterson has seemed well aware of that reality for a while, searching out hobbies like photography and going on safaris and other adventures each off-season.

Well, it turns out there was a big item left on his bucket list, one that the shutdown of the world made possible. Gary Patterson has a chance to take a step back in quarantine, and the down time gave him a chance to line out a dream.

“It’s not for everybody, but it’s got a good message.”

Gary Patterson knows not everyone is going to love his new single, “Take a Step Back”, recorded with TCU alum and country music star JT Hodges over the quarantine brought on by COVID-19. But he’s not all that worried about it, instead he is focused on enjoying the experience. “I’ve always wanted to be able to do it. They’ve already been in the studio, they’ve already put it on tracks, and we’re going forward. That’s something that I never thought I’d get to do because I always stayed so busy.”

The early reviews have been positive, with Colin Hass-Hill of Eleven Warriors saying “Move over, George Strait. There’s a new King of Country.” Noted TCU hater Shehan Jeyarajah (kidding!) called “Take a Step Back” the song of the summer, adding:

The song features strong vocals from the man himself along with some rhythmic guitar and lyrics that celebrate the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the moment – something that the ultra-committed Patterson certainly understands. The song is well-constructed in a tight 2:18 and has a catchy chorus that you’ll hear all over Fort Worth this fall.

The music video features plenty of imagery from TCU’s stadium and tailgating scene that undoubtedly will make any viewer hungry for football season. All in all, it’s a strong debut for anyone, much less a future Hall of Fame football coach.

But we know our pal Shehan was just trying to get unblocked (and he did!).

Written and recorded with TCU alum and country music star JT Hodges, the song is a catchy tune and the video that goes along with it will certainly have you longing for football and tailgating. Now we just hope they both return this fall.

Oh, and we should probably hope that the song doesn’t hit #1... otherwise you’re going to have to watch a lot of reporters line dance.

“You might be really surprised when we get done with this. The guy that helped [rewrite] it, he put it in the modern age. If it hits No. 1, I’m gonna make all you guys all go out to some country place, and you’re all going to have to dance to it.”

You can listen to the song on Apple Music, Spotfiy, iTunes, Amazon Music, and anywhere you stream music. And you can check out the video below!