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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints

Knock On Wood?

Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe sports are not coming back?

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On June 4th the board of governors approved a 22-team format for the rest of the 19-20 season. The games would be played at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Seems like the dream, right? Well, families of/and players would be unable to leave during that time, which seems unreasonable for kids and even adults. Nonetheless, the league was moving forward and set to resume on July 31st. However, in the past week discussion has arose that many players are unhappy with the proposal. While he says it’s not in response to the current situation, Kyrie Irving has suggested players start their own league and play how they want. I think it’s still early in the plan and the players and owners will be able to work through this issue by the scheduled start date at the end of July.


Out of all the professional sports leagues, if I had to predict one not coming back for the season, it’s hands down the MLB. Since the beginning, the MLBPA and the league have done nothing productive whatsoever. Well, they did have a draft, but other than that nothing good has come from either side. Most recently, after the players rejected yet another proposal, they said “when and where” to owners. They’re not into complex rules and regulations, they just want to play some baseball. On the other hand, 6 owners are now on board with cancelling the 2020 season as a whole. Like I said, if one of the leagues is going down, it’s the MLB.


The NFL? What did they do? Well nothing, yet. The 2020 season was in full swing with smooth sailing, until one of our very own Cowboys raised some questions. On Monday, Ezekiel Elliott tested positive for Covid 19. While he was busy on twitter asking about HIPPA, which only applies to medical professionals and not his agent who leaked the news, the rest of the NFL was wondering if they are moving too quickly. Since the beginning, the NFL has paved the way and served as the ‘pioneers’ during this time. Sticking to the free agency, modifying the draft, and now verifying plans for next season. In the upcoming weeks I can imagine we see an announcement on how they plan to move forward. My take? As long as the NFL doesn’t see a dramatic increase in Covid cases, I think they’ll continue on with preseason practice and ultimately a season with fans. *Knock on wood*

So, while I may have doomed the entire sports world, or jinxed them if you’re into that, at least the Professional Cornhole players aren’t complaining about a schedule. They also seem to have the virus thing figured out, so we should all take notes.

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