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Hey 2020, it’s time to change your shirt

TCU fans certainly remember the most famous wardrobe change in Horned Frog football history, now you can bring that good mojo to a tough year.

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Get your 2020 Time to Change Your Shirt, shirt here.

It’s one of the most iconic lines in TCU Football lore:

“The purple shirt works.”

Gary Patterson uttered that line at the conclusion of the biggest comeback in college football history, acknowledging that he had indeed changed his shirt at halftime to help spark his Horned Frogs who were facing down a 31-0 halftime deficit to Oregon in the Alamo Bowl. TCU, of course, went on to win that exhilarating ballgame in triple OT, with former walk-on QB Bram Kohlhausen becoming a household name in the process. (If you want to walk down memory lane, check out the oral history of that game, told by the people involved in it.)

The moment became the stuff of college football legend and a calling card for TCU fans, who have referenced it anytime we need a mojo change.

Well, in 2020, we have certainly needs that in spades, so as June came to a close and the year made it’s halfway turn, GP tweeted this:

We can all agree that a shirt change might not be a bad idea, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country and a return to “normalcy” seems far off. Maybe a wardrobe change can’t “change” things, but there’s not harm in trying, right?

In that spirit, we have partnered with our friends at Breaking T to present a new t-shirt offering, one that pays homage to that iconic moment while bringing a little levity to a difficult year.

Get your 2020 Time to Change Your Shirt, shirt here.

2020 got off to a rough start, but it’s nothing a little halftime wardrobe change can’t fix.

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