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TCU News: “They’re not reckless, but they still want to survive at the same time”

Jamie Dixon is looking ahead to how Coronavirus might impact one of the biggest financial boons in athletics.

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NCAA Must Hold March Madness Safely In 2021 For Financial Reasons, TCU Coach Jamie Dixon Says | Forbes

He’s not wrong...

Because of that huge financial loss, there’s no way the NCAA can afford to cancel the NCAA Tournament in 2021, says Texas Christian head men’s basketball coach Jamie Dixon.

“The NCAA is going to find a way to have the Tournament safely but they’re prepared to adapt the schedule to do it,” Dixon, the president of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, said Wednesday by phone. “They’re never going to run a tournament that’s not safe. The NCAA is trying and I believe is going to find a way.”

That could mean holding the event with no fans, or limited fans, if necessary, Dixon said.

“They’re not reckless, but they still want to survive at the same time,” he said of the NCAA. “So safety first.


Called for Face-Masking: Texas’ Favorite Sport Must Tackle a Deadly Opponent | Dallas Observer

We are getting so close to the start of the season... and we still know next to nothing.

If the $10 billion college football industry is to have a season this fall, medical experts, school officials and head coaches agree it will offer surreal scenes such as players assuming health risks yet signing liability waivers, half-empty stadiums, asymptomatic stars forced out of uniform, games forfeited because of virus outbreaks and fans, sitting 6 feet apart, adorned in medical masks to prevent the potentially fatal spread of diseased droplets.

“Nothing about this season is going to feel normal,” TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati said during a recent interview on DFW’s ESPN radio. “I think it’s wise to prepare for interruptions, delays and maybe even a couple of games just being canceled.”

Jalen Reagor will learn 1 position to start, back up DeSean Jackson | NBC Sports

It’s going to be really hard to keep him off the field in Philly.

Right now, he’s gonna come in and learn one position,” Pederson said. “And he’s gonna learn from DeSean Jackson, learn everything he can.

“Obviously the playbook is extensive and we just have to see what he has taken from the offseason to training camp. Once we see his potential and his growth, then we can use him in multiple spots. One of the things that all of our receivers really have the capability of doing is moving inside, whether they’re an outside guy going inside or an inside guy going outside. We’ll keep him at one position to start and we’ll grow from there.

If Reagor is going to come in and learn behind Jackson, that means he’ll initially be the Eagles’ backup Z receiver and will eventually learn how to play in the slot and then possibly the X.

But this basically means that if Jackson is able to stay healthy in 2020, it’s going to limit Reagor’s playing time — at least at the start of the season.

TCU 2020 Player Profile: Mikel Barkley | Horned Frog Blitz

Barkley has become the forgotten man in the realm of wide receivers, after redshirting last season. But the talent is there, and the Frogs need him to breakout.


Again, this depends on how healthy he can be for this season. Last season when it seemed like he would be ready to go, he suffered another setback. Athletically and speed wise, he’s one of the best receivers on the roster but he will be competing with some extremely talented youngsters at outside receiver with Quentin Johnston, Savion Williams, Blake Nowell and Caleb Medford arriving on campus. If he’s healthy, he can be on the two-deep.


I’m really hoping Barkley will be healthy; I still think fans remember his JUCO film and had flashes of former Oklahoma receiver Hollywood Brown. Barkley has tremendous speed and quickness and is a good route runner. If he’s healthy, he could be one of the best kept secrets in the Big 12 heading into the season.

Around Campus:

TCU faculty leader demands changes to shared governance system on ‘verge of collapse’ | The Star-Telegram

The unrest amongst the faculty as TCU is something to keep an eye on this fall.

“I think (the proposed vote) comes out of frustration,” Boschini told the Star-Telegram. “I totally get it. It’s a combination of change in retirement benefits, the pandemic and being isolated, and all of these social justice issues. I think people are frustrated.”

He said he is “happy to talk to anybody about any of this at any time,” but then faculty need to “give me a minute” to fix the problems.

“I feel like personally, I’ve tried to communicate the best I can,” he told the Star-Telegram. “I feel that some people are mixing up communicating and getting what they what.”

Atkinson, an associate professor of music theory, told the Star-Telegram that “TCU is poised for greatness” and he and other faculty want to make sure the university “has the tools it needs to get there.”

“If we didn’t care deeply about TCU, we wouldn’t write a letter; we would get up and leave,” Atkinson told the Star-Telegram.