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TCU News: “Our students need the carrot of competition to give us leverage in convincing them to be safe in social settings.”

Is playing the season actually safer for student-athletes?

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Big 12 to move forward with plans for fall football season, sources say | ESPN

For now, there will be football.

The Big 12 athletic directors met late Tuesday following the board of directors meeting.

A revised Big 12 schedule is expected to be released soon, sources told ESPN. Teams will still play their “9-plus-1” schedules, with nine conference games and one nonconference game, but the start of the conference season will be delayed until Sept. 26.

The news comes on the heels of the league’s reportedly being split on the decision of whether to play. Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades told SicEm365 Radio in Waco, Texas, earlier Tuesday that if the league voted, he expected it to be “really, really close.”

How the Big 12 Decision Has Saved LSU, SEC Football for Now | Sports Illustrated

Who knew that the Big 12 would end up being the prettiest girl at the ball.

In the end, the conference elected to move forward with a 2020 season which is significant to the survival of the college football season. Dellenger and fellow Sports Illustrated national writer Pat Forde had reported earlier in the day that if the Big 12 had decided to close the doors on a 2020 season, the ACC would be inclined to follow.

The intrigue now shifts to the Big 12, which one Power-5 source termed “the linchpin” in deciding whether there will be fall football at the FBS level. Basically, the league will provide a majority to either the “play” or “postpone” factions within the top conferences. If the Big 12 opts out with the Pac-12 and Big Ten, the Atlantic Coast Conference is also highly likely to postpone. If the Big 12 opts in, the ACC and Southeastern Conference likely would push forward with trying to play in the fall.

If the ACC had opted out with the Big 12, it would have left the SEC as the remaining lone wolf pushing forward with a 2020 season, something Greg Sankey said Tuesday morning wasn’t the ”wisest direction.”

Sources: Big 12 to keep preparing for football in the fall | Horns 247

So, even the medical experts can’t agree. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

Another Big 12 official told Horns247:

“Our protocols are working and I feel really good about our ability to test. I feel even better about our screening for myocarditis and pericarditis.

“Our students need the carrot of competition to give us leverage in convincing them to be safe in social settings.

“Our kids aren’t getting the virus at practice or under our care. That happens when they’re away from us.“

Getting medical reassurance (or lack thereof) can depend on who you talk to in the medical community.

The Big Ten’s board of directors were negatively affected by medical news regarding how COVID-19 might be attacking the heart - in addition to the lungs - of those who contract the virus.

One of the Pac-12’s medical advisers, Dr. Dave Petron, a University of Utah doctor, advised the Pac-12 to stop team activities for the fall.

The Atlantic Coast Conference’s top medical advisor, Dr. Cameron Wolfe, an infectious disease specialist at Duke, has laid out his belief that risk can be mitigated so that two teams can compete safely over an 11-game season.

The Big 12 is being advised by Infection Control Education for Major Sports (ICS), an independent organization run by Duke infectious disease doctors Deverick Anderson and Christopher Hostler as well as the schools’ own campus medical staff.



Welcome to the Frog Fam!

Jeanne Dahmen from Pointe-Claire, Quebec has verbally committed to Texas Christian University for 2021-22. She will join Olivia Rhodes in the class of 2025.

Dahmen specializes in fly, free, and IM. She won the 100m butterfly (1:01.82) at the 2019 Canadian Junior Championships at the Repsol Center in Calgary last July. She also picked up a pair of bronze medals as a member of the Pointe-Claire Swim Club’s 4x100m medley and 4x200m free relays and she finished 7th in the 200 fly (2:21.88). A week later she competed at 2019 Canadian Swimming Championships in the 50/100/200 fly. She came in 5th in the 50 (27.64) and was 10th in the 100 (1:02.18). She swam the same three events in January at 2020 PSS Knoxville.

Dahmen’s best times in the 100/200 fly come from the 2018 Canadian Junior Championships, where she finished 5th in the 100 and 10th in the 200.