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TCU News: “Max has a condition that he’s had his whole life and we caught it”

TCU Football lost a key player, but more importantly, they put his health first.

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Links O’ War
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TCU QB Max Duggan return status uncertain for the season | Horned Frog Blitz

Just sucks all the way around. Take care, Max.

Rumors started circulating earlier in the week that Duggan was out due to COVID and some speculated he could have another issue that would force him to miss games. Patterson wouldn’t elaborate on what condition Duggan has; he’s just glad they caught it in time.

“Max has a condition that he’s had his whole life and we caught it,” Patterson said. Right now he’s in a good place and hopefully he’ll be getting back sometime during the season. Right now we’ll be going forward with the rest of the quarterbacks. It’s a thing he was born with and I’m just glad we found it; I can say that.”

The sophomore signal-caller has not practiced a majority of fall camp and the status of his availability for the season is unclear at the moment.

‘We feel confident that we’re good to go.’ TCU AD talks football’s return amid COVID | The Star-Telegram

Would football happen if the campus goes online only?

Still, what happens if TCU finds itself in a similar situation as Notre Dame or UNC? How would that affect the football season? Would football go on as scheduled?

“I think it could,” Donati said. “I think it would depend on the circumstances. In a perfect world, we’d love to be in person. I think that’s how school is best taught. I think that’s how it is most effective and I think that makes for the best experience.

“We’d try to find ways to maybe not send anyone home for the entire semester, come back before that in the event you have to temporarily shut it down. It’s unclear what kind of effect that would have on athletics just because it would depend on the circumstances.”

Donati went on to say there is no timeline for when the Big 12 or individual schools would make the decision to stop going forward with the season. There’s no magic number of positive tests that triggers a postponement.

Instead, Donati said, “It would be if testing resources become scarce or the pandemic began to spiral out of control or if there are additional health risks or concerns that we’re not aware of as of today. I think any of those things could pop up overnight and give you pause to reconsider what you’re doing.”

Around College Football:

Coronavirus shows college football needs ‘one voice,’ TCU athletic director says | The Star-Telegram

ADJD is right on.

All of it has left fans across the country scratching their heads in response to the seeming dysfunction within the sport. As far as TCU athletic director Jeremiah Donati is concerned, the fissures among Power 5 conferences simply showcases the need for the sport to have “one voice.”

“Right now, we don’t have that,” Donati said. “Whether that’s in the form of one commissioner that oversees it all, I don’t know. But I can tell you we’re lacking that voice and that was apparent in these decisions. That’s something I don’t know how it gets addressed, but that’s something that was pretty apparent during the entire decision-making process.

“Everyone was making their own decisions and then it becomes difficult to pick up pieces afterward.”

Urban Meyer scorches Big 12 for lack of elite defensive talent | 247 Sports

Oh, shut up, Urban.

“There are great defensive players, but what happens is when the top 100 aren’t going to your schools, they’re leaving and going to a Bama, Ohio State, Georgia, etc. It’s because they want to play in the NFL. We use those numbers. That’s not negative recruiting to go and say, ‘We’ve had six or seven straight years of first-round corners.”

Meyer was stunned to see exactly how lackluster the numbers were in terms of programs like Oklahoma and Texas sending defensive players to the draft. He said that major changes need to occur in order for any Big 12 program truly compete for a championship. However, Meyer did note that there are some talented defensive coordinators in the league these days. Perhaps they can turn the tide.

Around Campus:

TCU to students: Do not party | TCU 360

LOL. I am sure they are heeding the message.

As the nation’s campuses become the latest hot zones for COVID 19, TCU has reminded students they shouldn’t be going to or hosting parties.

The message came Tuesday in an email from Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull.

“We are counting on each of you to do your part to keep our community together,” Cavins-Tull wrote in the email. “The equation is simple, we follow our plan and we get to learn in-person. Thank you for stepping up.”