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TCU News: “we will all be comparable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be identical”

Will we get the Big 12 schedule announcement today?

Links O' War
Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


It’s the Big 12′s turn to decide on its football schedule. Here is a look at the most likely options that should be considered. | Dallas Morning News

We should get an answer today or tomorrow. I expect the plus one to win out.


This brings the advantages of a conference-only schedule while allowing the possibility of one nonconference game.

A school such as TCU could keep a rivalry game with SMU if it wanted. Same for Oklahoma State, which could face Tulsa. Other schools wouldn’t have to cancel some remaining games, which could serve as a tuneup before the regular season.

Plus, the Big 12 would have the same amount of regular-season games as the Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12 when résumés start being compared in Grapevine.

Tramel: Big 12 becomes last league standing, so it’s time to decide on football schedule | The Oklahoman

Tramel seems to agree.

The 10-game model is better. For one thing, it just makes more sense. An OSU-Tulsa game or OU-Missouri State game is exactly the kind of geographic conciseness needed in these times. The closer the better. Nine West Virginia games already will include major trips. That seems to be more problematic than getting Ball State or Louisiana Tech to adhere to Big 12-level testing.

For another, with the other leagues playing 10 games, the Big 12 doesn’t want to be the lone nine-game league. That would put the Big 12 at a financial disadvantage, at a perception disadvantage and at a competitive disadvantage, if there indeed is a playoff this season and that sort of thing matters come autumn.

“I think in the end, we will all be comparable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be identical,” Bowlsby said.

Heck, I don’t know why the Big 12 couldn’t OK an 11-game schedule. Each team could schedule two non-conference games, and if one is canceled for virus reasons, you’ve got a spare.

Steven M. Sipple: A prediction on Spielman; Fred’s new players to watch; and hot take on Adrian | Husker Extra

I would gladly take 40 from JD, and hopefully he gets the support he needs within the program as well.

JD Spielman, the former Nebraska standout receiver, will catch at least 40 passes for TCU this season. That, of course, is assuming there is a season. If college football does indeed go forward, the 5-foot-9, 180-pound senior will be in a situation where he can put up excellent numbers.

In order to put up excellent numbers, Spielman obviously will need to be healthy. In this case, we’re mostly talking about mental health. In early March, Nebraska officials announced he wouldn’t be part of the team in the spring because of a “personal health matter.” Spielman left campus in February, never returned to school and recently said on Twitter that he “played all 12 games last year while struggling with depression and anxiety.” He said he played 30 pounds below his desired playing weight due to lack of sleep and not eating well. I was always struck by how small he looked in uniform.

TCU 2020 Player Profile: Quentin Johnston | Horned Frog Blitz

Can the paper tiger be a real-world stud this fall?


Johnston was one of the most heavily touted recruits from the 2020 recruiting class and for that reason he has a lot of expectations this fall. Blessed with great size and jumping ability, the Frogs want him on the field as often as he can get; it’s going to be up to him and how fast he can learn the system. The Frogs are looking for a replacement at “Z” where Jalen Reagor played last year and Johnston could be a front-runner. Many folks have compared Johnston to a similar playing style of former Frog Josh Doctson with his ability to high-point balls and out jump defenders. He could be a big threat in the red-zone this fall.


Johnston is without a doubt competing for a starting position. Is he young, of course. But, that hasn’t stopped TCU from playing true freshmen before; just look at last year with their starting quarterback. If Johnston doesn’t win the starting job, he will still get plenty of playing time. Word out of the off-season is that Johnston was already the best looking receiver among the young guys and was already making a big impression.