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TCU News: “I was obviously disappointed. It’s a rivalry that’s 100 years”

Hear from the other side of the TCU-SMU rivalry.

Links O' War
Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


Sonny Dykes reacts to cancellation of SMU-TCU in 2020 | Pony Stampede

The other side.

“I was obviously disappointed. It’s a rivalry that’s 100 years,” Dykes said after SMU’s 31-24 win over Texas State. “This was going to be the 100th time it would’ve been played so it’s obviously something that’s gone on for a long time. I know it’s got a lot of history. I know the series here recently hasn’t been particularly kind to us, but you know, we found a way to win last year and I know our guys are really excited about going to their place again. We were going to go there three years in a row and having a chance to compete, but it didn’t work out that way.”

Dykes’ program hasn’t had many brushes with coronavirus during the summer of fall camp ahead of its season opener. Very few positive tests and an attention to detail on contact tracing got the Mustangs to their first game of the 2020 season fairly healthy and at full strength.

While TCU saw a major outbreak on its side shut down the rivalry game for 2020, Dykes said it says a lot about how SMU handles COVID-19 that the program not only played against Texas State, but would’ve likely been ready to make the trip to TCU.



Please don’t do this to Des.

Desmond Bane’s name has came up many of times when talking about potential late first- or second-round targets for the Knicks, especially here at The Knicks Wall, and rightfully so.

Bane would be a perfect addition to a Knicks roster that has been allergic to defense and adding perimeter shooting in recent years. Bane would slide in seamlessly as a bench player at first, and could even develop into a starting guard, depending on how the roster is looking next season.

Bane’s shooting will bolster and add life to an otherwise lifeless and inconsistent Knicks offense, while his defense could form a two-headed monster on the perimeter with Frank Ntilikina.

Bane should be available for the Knicks at 27, but not at 38. It seems like many other teams could use a 3-and-D guy like Bane, especially already good teams like the Lakers and Sixers, so there will be competition.

At this juncture, based on Bane’s shooting and defensive ability, his maturity and his toughness, this is should be the number one target of the Knicks, who desperately need to find quality players tailor made for today’s NBA with the ability to contribute relatively soon.

Around Campus:

New ‘landing zones’ give TCU students a place to work | TCU 360

This is very cool.

“There was a desire to provide a space for students to be able to leave their residence for any reason and to have a quiet space to study across the campus,” Jack Washington, Assistant Director for Campus Planning said. “We kind of focused on providing spaces with a broad coverage from West to East of the whole campus.”

Reservations are not required for the landing zones, but the zones have capacity limits. Landing zone maximum capacities range from 12 to 40 people, the largest zone being the BLUU Ballroom 3301 C/D.

The zones and tents added an additional 200 instructional seats for students. Both zones and tents are equipped with power outlet towers and were strategically placed in areas with reliable WiFi.

They are disinfected daily and are open for the duration of their housing building’s availability hours. Students should bring earphones and are required to wear face coverings and social distance.

Students on and off campus reflect on their time in quarantine | TCU 360

An interesting look at the student experience at TCU.

For on- and off-campus students, quarantining came with different experiences, with some being easier than others.

Savannah Glenn, a junior business marketing major, said “being off-campus definitely made it easier to deal with as far as getting food and groceries and having your own space.”

Jeff Stuart, a junior strategic communication major, said living off campus “has made quarantine a lot easier.”

“They were very helpful in giving me ways to stay safe, [but] TCU didn’t monitor me since I live off campus,” Stuart said.