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West Virginia v TCU

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have to Call You Back: This is Not a Drill.

Ah yes, finally, we’ve reached September. Fall in the south means football, even if it’s a little late this year.

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High school football has been back and thriving for 2 weeks now, and college came back over the Labor Day weekend. With the overwhelming amount of games to be watched, you’re bound to have missed something (or congrats on being superhuman). Either way, here’s the rundown.

High School

As the 4A and below schools show hopeful numbers in a lack of cases, this allows the bigger divisions to carry on with their schedules. Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, a plus that comes with the irregular season is live broadcasting of all High School games. Here are just a few of the games you might want to tune into:

October 2nd Lone Star vs Aledo

This will be the first meet up for the two teams, and Aledo has the home team advantage. Last year Lone Star took everyone’s expectations and blew them out of the water. The team went 14-1 losing their first game in the Semifinals to, the always impressive, Denton Ryan. While the Rangers were impressive, they’re still the underdog in this game. Aledo took their dynasty to a State Championship win last season, making that their 9th in school history.

October 9th Allen vs Cedar Hill

The teams met last year for Allen’s home opener. Long story short, Allen did what they always do. Played a great first half, and closed the game with an even better second half. The Eagles took the cake 41-28, and I’m sure, like all teams Cedar Hill is ready to get back into the ring.

October 15th Longview vs Westbrook

This highly anticipated game is a rematch from the 2018 6A Division 2 State Championship. If down to the wire were to be described with one game, it would be this Championship Game. The Longview Lobos took the win 35-34 after a failed 2-point conversion followed up by an interception with just 4 minutes to go.


College teams opened their season this past weekend. While I was bummed about the postponing of the TCU vs SMU game this Friday, it brought me peace knowing that Texas State was giving SMU a run for their money. While the final score of the game was 31-24, they were tied at 14 going into halftime. Kudos to Texas State, but SMU should not have been playing that close of a game.

North Texas opened their season at home against Houston Baptist and it was by far the harshest Lone Star State beat down of the weekend. UNT started the game out strong with a first quarter 14 point shut out, and never let up. The final score was 57-31, but that wasn’t the only impressive stat of the game. The Mean Green set a school record with 721 yards compared to the Huskies 569.

While not much football has been back, it was nice to get even just a little taste of normal this past weekend.

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