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Beyond the Fort: Lane Kiffin’s youngest recruit yet?

Plus, hot mics and California dreamin’.

Ohio State v Michigan
Will one of these coaches be back on the sideline as early as next month? Will both?
Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

There were Power Five teams playing football last week, as several big names made their 2020 debut. The fall out from the fullest week of football is still in flux, as more cancellations and postponements followed what felt like week one, but all signs point to more programs joining the season despite the mixed bag results of positive tests.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening outside of Fort Worth within College Football.

Texas Tech, what is you doin, baby? The Red Raiders reported a staggering 75 of 123 players have tested positive for COVID-19 since the program began testing in June (with six active positives), while Ed Orgeron said recently that “most” of the LSU football team has had it — and he hopes they don’t catch it again.

Kansas State is on red alert as well, after their last opponent, Arkansas State, had to delay their upcoming game against UCA because they have too many players in at certain position groups to assemble a two-deep.

Meanwhile, both the Big Ten and PAC-12 are looking at reversing course, with the former expecting to announce a mid-October return as early as this week. Though, it seems, they may do so without Michigan and Michigan State. Of course, because it’s the Big Ten, the news came out over a hot mic:

The PAC-12 is having players speak out for the first time, led by USC QB Kedon Slovis. The Trojans’ star directed a statement at California governor Gavin Newsom via twitter, calling for the return of football to the Golden State.

Meanwhile, here in the Lone Star State, we are celebrating TEXAS IS BACK once again, as FTW is talking about the Longhorns’ improved playoff chances after shellacking... UTEP. In other orange-tinged news, Dabo Swinney is taking credit for “saving college football”, saying “you know, our plus our players came out and fought for their season. And that was the only time, to me, that our players— that Saturday, Sunday Monday Tuesday—that kind of a few days there were I felt like... nobody really knew.” Uh, thanks? I guess?

Lastly, in not-yet-college-but-definitely-football news, this six year old is absolutely wrecking people in his first year of football:

Hey kid, it’s Lane Kiffin on line one: