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Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have to Call You Back: Football x3

High school football, college football, and the NFL all in one place.

Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Here Come the Big Dawgs

For the past 4 weeks, the 4A and below high school teams have gotten back into the swing of fall sports. The Reigning 3A State Champions, Gunter, have played themselves into a 3-1 record, but most importantly they’ve been able to stay healthy enough to continue the season. As one could imagine, the fate of 5A and 6A teams were resting on the success of the other divisions. I’m happy to report that the season, so far, has in fact been a success and all other teams will proceed as rescheduled starting September 24th.

Football player by day, Street Racer by Night

While Texas tech reported zero positive Covid-19 cases after their first game against Houston Baptist, it seems they have another problem to worry about. Redshirt Sophomore starting Running Back, SaRodorick Thompson, was arrested Monday night for street racing. However, Texas Tech has announced that he will still play in their game against Texas this Saturday. I suppose that due to Thompsons immense talent, the university is willing to overlook his extracurricular activities.

Pay a fine, or wear the mask

We the people understand it is our duty to adhere to mask policies in order to have nice things like school, football, and shopping. However, NFL coaches and players are going to be the reason why we can’t have nice things. Adam Schefter confirmed over the weekend that Vic Fangio, Pete Carroll, and Kyle Shanahan were each fined, as well as their team for their inability to wear a mask Sunday.

The new ‘laxed’ public policy on masks is seen not only within the NFL but even down to the highschool level. Perhaps people are forgetting that cases are down due to societies push for masks, and precautions. Use this sentence as a reminder to wash your hands today!

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