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TCU News: Defenders impress, but big plays doomed the Frogs

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Links O' War
Links O’ War
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Iowa State QB Brock Purdy’s absurd decision leads to easy TCU TD (Video) | Yahoo Sports

This was fun. Let’s watch it again and ignore what happened after.

Iowa State’s Brock Purdy made one of the worst plays you’ll ever see a quarterback make.

With his team leading TCU 16-7 early in the third quarter, Purdy felt heavy pressure in his face. Instead of taking the sack for about a 12-yard loss, Purdy chucked the ball indiscriminately as he was being brought to the turf.

That went about as you would expect. The ball landed right in the waiting arms of La’Kendrick Van Zandt, who then jogged 24 yards for what will probably be the easiest touchdown of his career.

Some improvement and disappointment; Thoughts on TCU’s loss | Horned Frog Blitz

The defense had some big lapses, but there’s reason to be encouraged going forward, still.

- The big plays will doom the Frogs the rest of the season. They gave up four plays of over 30 yards on the day.

- I thought Marcel Brooks, although in limited play, was pretty dang good. He looked really good on special teams and in the limited time he was in on defense. He’s got a high motor without a doubt. I like others agree that he needs to be on the field some more, especially in a pass rush situation.

- I was impressed with the way Dee Winters played. He finished with 8 tackles with five of those solo. He also finished with a pass breakup.

TCU commit Jasper Lott discusses his decision for the Frogs | 247 Sports

I can’t wait to see what the Frogs end up doing with this kid.

“Definitely; I want to go some place that uses the tight end,” he said. “Also, I wanted to go somewhere that develops too because I want to go to the NFL.”

Although location is a bonus with Argyle less than an hour from campus, Lott says other factors weighed more heavily in his reasoning for choosing TCU. It felt like home. Being close to home has made his family excited with his decision.

“They’re very excited about it,” he said. “My mom is very happy about it. It wasn’t just that, I was considering some places that were a lot farther but TCU just felt like home to me and that’s where I wanted to go.”

Around Campus:

All-woman team of student body officers makes TCU history | TCU360

Very cool! Congrats to these young women.

“This is exciting for many reasons,” Noyd said. “I think having an all-female group of student body officers is really incredible; you truly have three of the most dedicated and passionate women advocating and serving students.” ...

Douthitt said this female force contributes to the efforts of diversity, equity and inclusion on campus.

“With women in the leadership positions, it creates such a cool opportunity to bring in different perspectives on campus,” Douthitt said. “I think women have such an interesting and different kind of passion and heart for the work they do, and that is going to bring a really interesting style of work to the offices we hold in SGA.”