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TCU News: “Gary, to his credit, they don’t do a whole lot.”

I don’t care how he meant it, I love this quote with my whole heart.

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Texas moves on to TCU this week — here’s what Tom Herman said about the Horned Frog | KXAN

I love this quote. Put it on the board. Fly it over the stadium. It’s exactly what we needed to hear lol.

“I don’t know that I was tremendously frustrated two years ago. You always want to score more points and hold them to less points. It gets frustrating sometimes…Gary, to his credit, they don’t do a whole lot. His players play really hard, he puts them in the right position and they’re extremely fundamentally sound. You have some false sense of confidence because other defenses…half the battle is figuring out where they’re blitzing or the schemes. Can we play more fundamentally sound than them? Can we play harder than them? It’s about making those opportunities count. They just do it so well that it’s extremely challenging.”

Gary Patterson happy with his quarterbacks’ performances in TCU’s first game | Dallas Morning News

TCU does like playing Texas.

TCU likes playing Texas

Last season, the Frogs beat Texas in Fort Worth and are looking to continue their win streak this Saturday. Patterson said his players like playing teams from Texas, especially the Longhorns. A lot of his players had dreams of going to play there but didn’t get offers to UT so they get the chance to prove themselves, Patterson said.

Defense will be better against the Longhorns

Patterson said there is no standard for missed tackles. He said his guys were embarrassed with the way they played against Iowa State. The loss to the Cyclones came down to five big plays where tackles were missed. He said he expects his defense to be a lot better knowing what they need to improve on.

The good, bad and ugly from TCU’s 37-34 loss to Iowa State | 247 Sports

Jeremy has some really good thoughts on what went right and what went wrong Saturday.

- I don’t know why Spielman doesn’t handle kickoff returns for the Frogs. The kid is explosive. I also think he needs more than two touches on offense. When he gets the ball, positive things happen. It’s bad that he wasn’t utilized more on offense.

- I’ve praised the offense, but I will call out a bad call and bad execution. Facing a 3rd and 13 in the first half, TCU called a shovel pass to Daimarqua Foster. The play was completely blown up and didn’t go anywhere. I immediately had images of the shovel pass Robinson threw against Iowa State two years ago.

Around Campus:

Student COVID-19 cases near zero as semester reaches midpoint | TCU 360

Hey! Good job kids!

Student behavior has been identified as another cause for both declining cases and optimism that another spike won’t occur.

“I definitely think that student behavior played a big part in managing the spread and it will continue to remain the biggest factor in our control of the spread of this virus,” Cavins-Tull said.

Previous reporting by TCU 360 revealed concerns that students were not reporting positive test results to the university.

Students living off campus are not required to report positive test results to the university, although local testing providers are asking for consent. If they refuse, the health department follows up with their case.