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TCU Women’s Basketball coach shares inspiring story

Raegan Pebley wrote about scars, and it’s worth your time.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, folks were rocked by the news that Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman had passed away at just 43 years old. Equally as surprising was the cause of death — a four year battle with colorectal cancer, one that he quietly and graciously fought as he was making some of the seminal films of our generation.

It was a reminder for many that we have no idea what people are facing, and that many are fighting very private battles that they have to overcome on a daily basis.

Thursday, we learned of one such private battle from a member of the TCU community, when Women’s Basketball coach Raegan Pebley shared a very personal, and very heartfelt, missive about scars, one that revealed that she had had surgery to remove a non-cancerous meningioma brain tumor earlier this summer.

Pebley has exuded grace and class since her arrival in Fort Worth, and throughout her coaching career. Since her first stop — George Mason — to year seven at TCU, she has been a beloved figure in the game, something that is obvious to anyone that watches her recruit. She’s also a heck of a coach, taking the Frogs to four NIT Tournaments in five full seasons, and was poised to return TCU to the NCAA Tournament last spring before COVID shut things down.

In speaking of her scar, she speaks of grace, vulnerability, and healing — and challenges others to be kind, to lead, and to forgive. It’s truly a beautiful piece.

Hundreds have chimed in with their support, including the voice of women’s basketball, Holly Rowe, and people from across the TCU community. Her strength and courage — and willingness to be open about something so personal — is truly inspiring, and we are thankful that she is healthy and well on the road to recovery.

Thank you Coach Pebley for continuing to be an amazing person and someone we are all so proud to have as part of the Frog Fam.