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TCU News: “if he keeps doing that he’ll have an opportunity to get in the ball game”

Will we see Zach Evans debut this weekend?

Links O' War
Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


Some say Tom Herman took a shot at Gary Patterson. But it might have been the opposite. | The Star-Telegram

Um, you’re finding of the facts is a lot less fun, Drew. LOL.

“It gets frustrating sometimes because Gary, to his credit and a ton of respect for him, doesn’t do a whole lot. What he does is he’s got his players to play really, really hard. He puts them in great position. They’re extremely fundamentally sound. You have this false sense of maybe some confidence because unlike other defenses you play where half the battle is figuring out where they’re going to be, lined up, blitzing from, and rushing from, and all that stuff — that battle is not one that’s waged a whole lot against Coach Patterson’s defenses.

“The battle is, ‘Can we play more fundamentally sound than them? Can we play harder than them?’ There are going to be some schematic things that you want to take advantage of. It’s a matter of making those opportunities count and not having long foul balls when you schemed up a shot against a certain coverage.”

Top TCU running back recruit Zach Evans could make debut against Texas | Dallas Morning News

Will we see the five star recruit make his debut in Austin?

Coach Gary Patterson said Tuesday during a Zoom media availability that Evans had missed nearly a month worth of workouts because of COVID-19 contact tracing.

Evans did have a good practice Sunday, Patterson said.

“As he keeps moving forward, if he keeps doing that he’ll have an opportunity to get in the ball game,” Patterson said.

Patterson also said defensive tackle Terrell Cooper is likely to play against Texas after missing Iowa State for an unspecified injury.

TCU football coach explains why he waited to make QB change to Max Duggan in opener | The Star-Telegram

If Max wasn’t ready to play four quarters, then he wasn’t ready to play four quarters. Hopefully that changes this weekend.

“Max had been out almost a month and a half,” Patterson said on the Big 12 teleconference Monday. “People need to understand the procedure he went through and what he had to do. In fact, on the final drive his hands were cramping up even playing a half to play at the level you have to play.

“It wasn’t a plan. We thought if Matthew Downing did good, we’d protect Max Duggan for one more ball game. He gets back to where he was — he’d be in full strength and condition to be able to play a full ball game. We made the decision at halftime to at least give him two series to see how it turned out. It turned out well, so he stayed in the ball game.”

TCU DB Trevon Moehrig says defense must eliminate big plays | Horned Frog Blitz

Five plays killed the Frogs Saturday.

Again, Moehrig reiterated it comes down to communication.

“Obviously we would’ve liked to win the game and hold them to zero points. It came down to five plays, I think Coach P said, so we’ve got to eliminate big plays and then I think from there we’ll be fine.”

“I can’t really say where it really happened; I would just say the biggest thing is just communication, making sure everybody is on the same page. If we can communicate, then those big plays don’t happen.”