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NCAA Football: Mississippi at Tennessee

Yeah, I’m Gonna Have To Call You Back: Class Act

Tennessee fans and the Washington Football Team workplace drama, a heartwarming combination.

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Trashy, All-Around

Ole Miss Rebels Head Coach, and former Tennesee Volunteers coach, Lane Kiffin was greeted on the field with a stadium of ‘booing’. The pleasant greeting set the tone for the rest of the game, but it only got worse from there.

Following a penalty call with 54 seconds left in the 4th quarter, the student section started throwing empty water bottles on the field. The water bottles progress into beer cans, which turned into mustard bottles from concessions, and eventually became whatever fans could get their hands on. During the incident, Kiffin managed to get hit on the elbow by a golf ball.

The falling debris temporarily paused the game as stadium security and police officers tried to regain control of the crowd. Ole Miss players were moved to the middle of the field as a preventative measure to stop the crowd from reaching them. The fiasco got so out of hand that the Tennessee Cheerleaders and the band were escorted off the field due to the falling debris from the stands.

Once the play resumed, Ole Miss sealed the 31-26 victory. As one would imagine, this made matters worse. Trash throwing resumed and vulgar language was caught on video being yelled at Lane Kiffin as he ran into the visitor's tunnel. Kiffin played with the crowd and threw his game-winning visor into the Tennessee crowd. I won’t sit here and defend his ‘lack of high road’ capabilities, but it was comical to watch.

Following the game, Ole Miss fans as well as other college football fans took to social media to voice their disgust and disappointment. Tennesse fans clapped back explaining that Ole Miss did the same thing to them during a basketball game last year. Personally, I think that makes it worse? I think it might be time for the SEC to do a Ted Talk on sportsmanship.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey condemned the behavior of fans following the game via a statement posted to Twitter.

The power of college football continues to blow my mind.

Washington Football Team Investigation

Following the leaked emails sent from Jon Gruden, former las vegas raiders head coach, US congress has requested a thorough investigation into the workplace culture the Washington Football team has created. The anti-gay, misogynistic, and racist emails were sent from Gruden to Bruce Allen, who was the Washington Football Team’s president at the time.

The NFL has also been asked to release the finding from the independent investigation conducted by Beth Wilkinson into their organization. After 150 interviews were conducted, a written report on their findings has yet to be done. This has raised serious concerns among sponsors, fans, and the democratic representatives who wrote the letter.

The Washington Football team was fined 10 million dollars at the conclusion of the investigation, but former employees have urged people to find out what really ensued in the workplace. The employees were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but have continued to reach out to Nike and Amazon hoping they can get answers from the NFL.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy has expressed his eagerness to meet with the congressmen and women, but the Washington Football Team has stated they have no intention of reopening the investigation.


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