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MMQB: Fumbled it away

The Frogs drop to 2-2 after a couple of turnovers cost them a win against an in-state rival.

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Damnit. It wasn’t a perfect game for the Frogs, and we didn’t necessarily look great, but I really thought we played well enough against this Texas team to steal a win. Yes Bijan Robinson had a monster game, but he also had 35 touches and seemingly jump cut for 5 yards every play. Other than like 5 things I liked what we did for the most part. Alas “for the most part” doesn’t equate to a win.

I’m not freaking out over this one, yes Gary lost to another first year HC, yes it was frustrating, but this to me feels like a game we gave away (with some slight help from the refs) instead of a demoralizing loss. Now if we lose next week to a Matt Wells coached team, well then you’re going to have to deal with a reckoning from me on the next MMQB.

Also, before we get into this - there are really some people in the comments that are getting upset at FoW for being more negative recently when it comes to the football season. Which hey, I get it. It’s not fun. At the same time this program is looking at it’s 4th potential down season in a row - and the changes that need to be made by the people in charge are seemingly not being made. I go to every home game, and the fans did show out for this game, ADJD is literally ripping out the gates of the stadium to make it easier to get in, the show girls and TCU cheer teams always bring it, and Super Frog is forever a winner. It’s just a shame that the on the field product is not good at the moment. To which I’m not going to blame the players but those in charge.

Alright, monologue over onto the analysis:


Zach Evans once again - Despite only getting 18 touches, ZE put together another great day. 113 rushing yards on the ground averaging 7.5 YPC. I don’t know how much I believe the “he was gassed” comments, but regardless if that is true he needs to get more touches because he is clearly our best player. If anything we can always find joy in watching number 6 tote the rock every week.

JD Spielman, swiss army knife - after setting TCU up in great field position on the opening kick off, Speilman had a couple of nice catches as well as a huge second effort touchdown late in the first quarter. Good to see the Nebraska transfer continue to get more touches.

TCU Secondary - Even though it may not have mattered in the end, the TCU secondary made the Texas air attack look pretty mediocre. Casey Thompson was held to 12/22 for 145 yards and a TD. 32 of which came on a slap hands like touchdown pass where whoever was covering the receiver didn’t look like they wanted to make a tackle. The secondary did cause some coverage sacks on the day and it was good to see Noah Daniels back as well, even if on a limited snap count.


The turnovers - At the end of the day the Frogs spotted the Longhorns 6 points off of turnovers (9 if you want to be generous to TCU). Which considering the turnovers, was a damn miracle. I’m not going to go out here and kill the defense when it seemed again like one of those games where the defense had to play against the opposing offense as well as the TCU offense and special teams.

The terrible fumble on the reverse (Doug why do you do this), the even worse muffed punt on our own 10, and then the strip sack of Duggan on a corner blitz (which to be fair was just a great defensive play call and Max never heard the guy coming). Despite all of those it was a one possession game at the end. We spotted them 6 and they won by 5. Hard to overcome an opponent when you keep shooting yourself in the foot.

The offensive line - At the end of the half the TCU OL repeatedly got beat by 3 man rushes. This happened again in the second half against a longhorn front that isn’t necessarily formidable. I don’t know how many times I need to say it but I will say it again. Next year we need a new OL coach. Thank you.

Run defense again - Man this was tough to watch again. There were a lot of missed tackles/attempted arm tackles. Bijan Robinson alone had 216 yards on 35 carries. On 3rd and 6 with the game on the line, the run defense let him get enough to end the game on a second effort. How the times have changed for the TCU defense. There was also a 3rd and ten where Robinson literally just ran to his right for 10 yards on a borderline back breaking 3rd down conversion.

I WILL SAY - the most energetic play of the second half came when the TCU Defense stuffed back to back runs at the goal line - which gave the offense a chance to cut it to a 5 point game. There you go POSITIVITY! But for real, it’s going to be tough to dictate the pace of games when both sides of the trenches for TCU are under achieving.

The second to last offensive drive of the game - Oh my god this is what made me wanna pull out my hair. Down two possessions, with about 13 min left in the game, the OC calls a up the gut hand off with Emari Demercado that got all of 2 yards setting us up in 3rd and long. Then from there we get another incomplete pass and punt the ball back to Texas basically still on our own side of the field. It felt like we had given up with a whole quarter to play.

I just don’t get this offense sometimes man...and frankly I think some of the players are the same way!


Normally it would be a Zach Evans play, which the first score of the game that he had was great where he basically told a Texas defender to go back to pre-school. Alas, this week I have to go with the play right before that set up the score. The JD Spielman opening kickoff return down to the 10.

NEXT WEEK: Lubbock at dusk

The Frogs get to go on the road to play in Lubbock against a Texas Tech team that is 3-1 and coming off a road win over West Virginia. If TCU loses this game and looks bad I’m going to have to just take the gloves off and basically air out 4 years of frustration on this coaching staff. If you lose to a Matt Wells coached team in a year that was supposed to be “the year” well deserve to be locked in a room and forced to listen to the Applebee’s “Fancy Like” song for 24 hours. Anyways, I hope we win!